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  • We all can be heroes - the most inspired project of #SustainHack

    Katarzyna Łachajczak - the most inspired project of #SustainHack

    After #SustainHack ended we’ve had a chance to ask Katarzyna Łachajczak some questions about her participation in the challenge, as well as about her project, AlkoSTOP. She took part in the assignment by Kompania Piwowarska. She’s just 20 years old, and she’s a student of Economy. Let’s see what she had to say.

  • How to enjoy participating in a hackathon?

    Marco Antonio Giraldo while coding on laptop

    Marco Antonio Gutiérrez Giraldo, aged 32 is one of the participants in NVIDIA Jetson™ Developer Challenge. Marco was responsible for the “Jetson AH” project. We’ve had a chance to ask him a few questions related to his participation in the contest, enjoy!

  • The importance of experience in hackathons

    Brad Larson, finalist of NVIDIA Jetson Developer Challenge

    Recently we’ve had the chance to ask Brad Larson some questions, he is the man behind On-UAV realtime detection of storm damage. This was definitely one of the most exciting projects submitted to the NVIDIA Jetson™ Developer Challenge, after all it won 3rd place. Let’s get into questions.

  • Why would you participate in a hackathon?

    People talking about hackathons near laptops, NVIDIA Jetson Developer Challenge - interviews

    The dust after NVIDIA Jetson™ Developer Challenge slowly settles down, the emotions are being contained, the last minute adrenaline rush is over. This, however, does not mean it’s time to close the book and don’t look back. We’ve interviewed the finalists to get more insight into the challenge from their perspective, as it’s their point of view that matters the most. If you are to participate in a similar event you will want to know exactly how it feels. But why would you want to do that in the first place?

  • How to reach the podium in a global hackathon at just 20 years old?

    Titus project on NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference

    After the NVIDIA Jetson Developer Challenge we’ve had a chance to ask the team behind the TITUS project some questions. Ayman Saleh is a Robotics Engineering student, while Khalid Khalil field of study is Computer Science, both are just 20 years old. They won second place in the competition. Let’s see what they had to say.

  • Inside the mind of the creator of a life-saving robot

    Amit with Avitra- Reconnaissance Robot

    Recently we’ve had a chance to ask Amit Kharwandikar a few questions. Aged 21 he was a participant of the NVIDIA Jetson™ Developer Challenge who was responsible for building and development of AVITRA - Reconnaissance Robot which received the Public Choice Award. It was undoubtedly one of the most interesting projects submitted to the challenge and so we couldn’t be happier to get more insight into how its creator went about preparation to and participation in the challenge.

  • The recipe for success from grand winner in NVIDIA Jetson™ Developer Challenge

    Yu Ming Chen, grand winner in NVIDIA Jetson™ Developer Challenge

    Have you ever wondered what’s the recipe for success in a hackathon? We’ve had the opportunity to ask Yu-Ming Chen, the grand winner in NVIDIA Jetson™ Developer Challenge a few questions. Aged 22 he’s a senior in college majoring in computer science at National Tsing Hua University(R.O.C). The project that he was responsible for is Sim-to-Real Autonomous Robotic Control. Without any further ado, let’s get to questions.

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