Customer Service Challenge Easy

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  • TIME ~10MIN

Customer Service Challenge

Challenge overview

Hello and welcome to the challenge!

You are going to participate in the Customer Service Challenge designed to test your soft skills,

like resilience, agility, comprehensive listening, pragmatic approach, ability to deal with difficult customers and to resolve the issues quickly and effectively.

You are a customer service agent. You’ve received a message from a customer on the chat.

Your goal is to resolve the issues he or she reports in the best possible way - politely, kindly,

logically and as quickly as possible. 

Note that today the chat ques are really busy. Many contacts from customers make the

atmosphere a bit stressful.

Once you’ve resolved the issue of one customer, you have to go to the next one. 

As soon as you’re ready tap the “Start test” button above and amaze us with your skills!

Have fun and good luck! :)