ChallengeRocket prepared the series of e-books devoted to topic of hackathons realized in various industries around the world. The publications include a detailed case study of organized events along with a summary of the benefits confirming that the form of hackathon is an attractive and innovative way of gaining ideas and exploring talents.

  1. HRrevolution

    We are fundamentally questioning the way recruitment works at the moment. It was 14 years ago when I was applying for a job for the first time. And I can see that right now the process is almost exactly the same.

    We're proposing some new approaches to pretty old problems. In this ebook we discuss some toxic myths that are still functioning in HR and elaborate on the most essential things that we believe are often missing ingredients in the current HR practices.


  2. CSR Hackathons

    Hackathon as a form of gaining innovative ideas and reaching out to talented professionals is an important part of the modern corporate social responsibility strategy. This e-book presents a case study of CSR hackathons arranged by selected organizations and the benefits that companies have gained through innovative sustainability activities. Content Partner: Responsible Business Forum, Honorary Patronage: UN Information Center in Warsaw.


We have worked with

  • NVidia
  • Santander
  • ING
  • AccorHotels
  • Fortum

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