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About health{hacks}

health{hacks} is a student-led 24-hour medical hackathon where students create innovative solutions to real-world challenges presented by clinical and industry professionals. health{hacks} focuses on three areas: product innovation, improving care and patient experience. The fifth annual event will take place on Nov. 7th – 8th, 2020 at the Monroe Park Campus in the College of Engineering’s East Hall building.

While one of only a few medical hackathons in the U.S., health{hacks} is rare by focusing predominantly on medical device product innovation. Interdisciplinary teams of students with backgrounds in engineering, business and science are encouraged to think of their own solutions and develop projects with the potential to succeed in the market. After the event, VCU’s Pre-Accelerator program provides support to successful teams, enabling students to further develop their products and ideas and bring them to market.

This year’s theme

This year, health{hacks} will have multiple tracks of challenges in place of an overall theme. Sponsors are asked to submit real-world problems and challenges for students to solve. These challenges will then be sorted into categorized tracks. This new system will allow for a wider range of topics to be covered and ensure that the most important current medical challenges are addressed.

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