Spyrosoft - Senior Python Developer

  • Jana Dekerta 24, Kraków, Polska
  • 13500 - 16500 PLN / month

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Spyrosoft - Senior Python Developer

About Spyrosoft

We are founded by a group of IT experts who deal with software engineering. We started our adventure in 2016. We specialize in, among others, industry 4.0, automotive and financial services. We are present in several locations (Wrocław, Kraków, Białystok, London, Braunschweig, Detroit and Zagreb), from where we implement projects for our clients and American clients.

About the project

We would like to invite to cooperation a Senior Python Developer, who will join our team of experts working on solutions in the area of security. The Python team will consist of a leading Senior Developer and three regular Python Developers.

Our American partner enhances the coding practices and specializes in testing programmers’ code in terms of security. The solution is based on AWS cloud infrastructure and receives developers’ code via API from external CI tools such as Jenkins. The received code is thoroughly verified in terms of security gaps. If such gaps occur, programmers receive detailed report, so they may fix the issues before compiling or deploying. The solution uses JSON as a channel of communication between CI tools and AWS infrastructure.

Our team will work mostly on creating new API interfaces – crucial contact points written in Python and based on AWS components.


  • very good knowledge of Python,
  • knowledge of AWS infrastructure,
  • proficiency in Linux,
  • experience with PostgreSQL
  • fluency in English.