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  • Run a Hackathon to attract the most talented tech individuals

    hackathon programming programmer code coding

    Want a better way to locate and attract talented programmers for your company? Higher quality programmers can help you provide better work for your clients. They can innovate in important directions that will improve your services, attract more sales, and ultimately increase profits. An influx of fine programmers can also help you get jobs completed faster. This often thrills clients while allowing your company to get more done in less time and with fewer stalls and headaches.

  • What is a hackathon? Here’s all you need to know

    Discussing workers near computer

    Are you searching for alternative ways to grow your business, or promote your product? Maybe you’ve stumbled upon the term of “hackathons” but didn’t really pay attention to it. Was that the case? You have to make up for that, there’s no more time to lose. If you’ve just started asking yourself “What is a hackathon?” then you’re in just the right place. Relax, grab a cup of coffee and let us do all the work while you only let the information in. We’ll start with the most basic definition which will then be broken down into finer details. Let’s go!

  • Discover our hackathon ideas, you can't miss those

    people working near computer

    As a business owner your goal should be growing your company, broadening the horizons and, by extension, gaining heaps of new customers. Aside from your regular forms of marketing like TV and internet ads, you should consider organizing a hackathon to start appealing to other demographics as well. Taking up such a challenge might be daunting, not only from the perspective of organization, but also due to the need of that one perfect idea for the main theme of such event. Seeking inspiration is never something to be ashamed of, we’re glad to have you here, so enjoy this compilation of hackathon ideas!

  • How Opening Your Organization to Hackathons Has More Benefits Than You Believe

    man writing down ideas

    Several hundred hackathons take place in 100+ countries every year. A common misconception is that these are beneficial for coders and startups. This couldn’t be further from the truth as hackathons are one of the most effective ways of accelerating the digitalization of large organizations.

  • What to keep in mind when organising a hackathon? A practical guide for companies that do it for the first time

    It has been long since organising a hackathon (codefest) ceased to be the exclusive domain of technology companies. It is also successfully practised in other industries. If you are thinking about organising such an event in your company or want to become its sponsor - we will tell you what you should keep in mind to make the event successful .

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