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  • The secret to boost productivity in your company - competitive programming


    Employee retention is just as important as recruiting new tech talents, especially in a candidate-driven market. Providing your current and new workers with opportunities for self-development is crucial in today’s world. How can competitive programming help boost productivity in your company?

  • What is a hackathon and how can your business benefit from it?

    programmers during hackathon

    There are many reasons why a company might need to step outside of its regular set of tasks and seek more diversity. Hackathons are a powerful tool to bring new solutions and ideas to your teams.

  • Customer experience challenges - AccorHotels case study


    Best possible customer experience is the primary goal in any service-oriented area, and with hotels, the comfort factor is arguably one of the most important criteria by which guests select their place to say. Soft beds, immaculate rooms, and eye-catching decor have long been the obvious standard. Any signs of stagnation must always be combated, which is why AccorHotels decided to hold AccorHotels Warsaw Hackathon on platform to bring innovation to one of the more neglected areas in hotel guest experience, which are the bathrooms.

  • Hire developers with online code challenges!

    recruitment - solving code challenges

    Today’s recruitment processes face one of the biggest challenges in years, and it’s the fact that the marked is now candidate-driven. In the light of this new obstacle to overcome, how does your business stand out from the crowd to attract and retain the most valuable tech talents? Hire through online code challenges!

  • The breakthrough in recruitment strategies

    recruitment - signing a contract

    The world doesn’t need paper-qualified programmers; instead, the world needs good logic makers, powerful think tanks and effective professionals that can complete projects with precision.

  • Top 5 platforms to screen and hire programmers

    screen hire programmers developer recruitment

    How are you recruiting programmers? If you’re still using job boards, you’ve likely noticed that you only get a certain standard of applicants, many don’t show too much interest in round after round of interviews and, ultimately, you’re wasting time and money. This is why most companies are turning to recruitment platforms to streamline this process. The market is full of options. What is the best one for you depends on your unique circumstances, but here are 5 of the most effective platforms according to us for hiring developers and finding key tech talent!

  • Forget about formalities - recruit at hackathons

    recruitment - talking about job contract

    Recruiting tech talents for your company is a long process that’s necessary for your business to develop and evolve. It’s a resource-consuming activity that has a very promising alternative to. To hire developers your business needs, recruit at hackathons, and here’s why!

  • Innovation seekers, hackathons are your answer

    working on inovative ideas

    Sourcing innovation for your company to grow is a crucial process. It’s irrelevant whether your business is dealing with consulting, banking, or computer hardware, there is always room for improvement, and new areas to explore. Having an R&D or innovation department might not be a viable solution for every company, but that doesn’t mean there’s no way for those to bring new ideas to the table. Innovation challenge is the answer.

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