UniGlobe Hacks

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  • DATE Jul 31 - Aug 03, 2020

UniGlobe Hacks

UniGlobe Hacks is a 4-day long hackathon run by highschoolers, Have an amazing week creating, learning, testing, and presenting solutions toward socio-economic issues in our societies or in the world. We want to challenge students across the globe to truly make an impact in the world and be rewarded for their creativity!

Although during this global pandemic, we cannot code together. You will still be given the experience of a 4day code-fest to generate solutions to many issues that are creating issues in today's society. UniGlobe will have competitors around the world and signups will be till July 31, 2020.


UniGlobe Hacks is a hackathon meant for middle school kids and High schoolers around the globe, and it's completely free! UniGlobe's mission is to ensure a positive and learning environment for students with creative ideas.


This Hackathon will be virtual, using the software system of discord, Zoom, & Devpost


This event will be 4 days long from July 31 to August 3, 2020!


Even if you haven't written a single line of code, you can come to attend. We will create many opportunities for non-coders to participate.


We want the world to contribute and have a good time. And plus it is a free event! Team up with your friends or meet new people to team up with!

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