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Not enough time? Need more than the standard offer? Want even more challenges?
We've got you covered. Whatever you can come up with, we've been there before. And we know how to achieve what you want.

Recruiting programming talents

We have helped recruit top tech talent for organizations ranging from brands like IBM, all the way down to a 3-person dev shop. We've tackled and improved all the parts of recruitment for these companies:

finding the talent, attracting them, automatically assessing them during the vetting and recruitment process, up to interviewing and hiring.

We leverage our unique pool of pre-assessed talents. If you want us to greatly improve your recruitment process, and to ensure you get the best candidates, fast, we can do it all for you.

Promote your tech or API

For organizations with ambition to become a platforms.

Build vibrant tech ecosystem around your brand with challenge-centric approach. Let us promote your technology and API amongst international IT crowd. We outreach developers and teach them about your API. We leverage our network and invite IT talents to hackathons, meetups and workshops. Always making sure it's meaningful participation.

At ChallengeRoket we know how to engage developers and high-to-reach tech influencers. Let us help to create a buzz around your tech!

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Challenge-ready organization

You can (and we think you should!) challengify your whole organization.
Not just the recruitment process, but also everything that happens afterwards.

Keeping your top talent happy and engaged, delivering interesting challenges to your employees which they will want to work on, making sure your best people are happy, engaged, and want to work with you as long as possible.

Let us integrate challenges in your whole organization.

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