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DFT Hacks

Challenge outline


HackTrain is arguably the craziest and most memorable 48-hour hackathon experiences on earth! A 48-hour weekend long adventure hacking whilst on moving trains! This is our 5th hackathon in the past 2 years, having gone to France and even Hong Kong!

We invite a group of the best developers, designers and entrepreneurs from all around the world to come together to build mobile apps, websites, products and services to solve problems in the railway industry. All within 48 hours!!

DfT Hacks

Following on from Hacktrain, we've been commissioned by the Department for Transport to run their very first hackathon, DfT Hacks. We're gathering 50 of the best developers, designers and entrepreneurs from all around the world to come together to build mobile apps, websites, products and services to solve problems in the transport sector and help transport users in the UK get from A to B more quickly, efficiently and comfortably.

You will have a chance to pitch your idea for 4 minutes + 2 mins Q&A from the judges! We split the judging criteria between 4 categories (each with it’s own percentage weighting): Business Model, MVP/Prototype, Design and Pitch/presentation. More detail will be sent to you through email before the hackathon.


We have hundreds of applicants applying every year from around the world, but unfortunately we are limited to 40 places for the hackathon. Therefore we must go through an application process with everyone to make sure we get the best of the best for you to work with as a team!

Fill in your application form. There are 4 sections to the form. Answer them to the best that you can! We’re not just looking for the most talented people, but also those who are a great cultural fit for the event. We want everyone to be excitable, friendly, sharing and motivated to make a difference!

For applicants traveling from inside or outside the UK, we provide up to £25/£50 for travel reimbursement respectively. Reimbursements are limited and are given on a first come first serve basis to applicants, so apply early!

Additional information

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Where and when

33 Horseferry Rd London
The United Kingdom
24-26 March, 2017