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What’s is EMEA Coders League

EMEA Coders League is the official European Programming League which hosts numerous design and coding marathons.

  • 35.000 tech creatives in the community

  • 280 launched hackathons
    and online challenges

  • 32 countries
    from around the world

Over the 2018/2019 season

We are going to run over 110 hackathons and 30 online competitions to bring together the IT community and inspire young people to create cool new things. Individuals and teams will cooperate and compete to find the best solution for a given problem, or develop the most innovative application area for a given technology.
These are intense and high-energy hackathons lasting typically around 5 hours, held on Saturdays in certain major Central or East European cities.

Why partner with us?

It can help you with your recruiting, brand marketing, and developer relations.

  • 01

    Access to unique tech community

    We are a community of talented and ambitious tech-savvy individuals that are not afraid to tackle some of the most difficult problems. This can be an excellent place to spot new talent!

  • 02

    Solutions to your problems

    We are a community of creators and problem-solvers. We let organizations challenge the crowd to solve their problems and build great app solutions. Invite the smartest brains to work on your projects!

  • 03

    Promotion your tech/API

    EMEA Coders League events are excellent opportunities to demonstrate your tech and get immediate feedback from the developer community.

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What kind of events
are there in EMEA Coders League?

Virtual Reality, wearables, mobile dev hacking - whatever area you are interested in, we’ve got an event for that

  • Programming We run hackathons and online coding competitions to identify hidden programming talents!
  • Hardware & Electronics Open tech challenges are great way to reach out and engage top engineers.
  • AI & Robotics Looking for exceptional robotic engineers and AI geeks? There are all here!
  • Automation Use open challenges to source & assess great automation engineers.
  • Data Science Discover talented data scientists and machine learning experts with our challenges.
  • Security Run cyber-security challenge to test your product and spot hidden talents.
  • Internet of Things Our community loves iOT challenges!
  • Creative industries We enable creative minds to solve problems that matter to your organization.

Pick the Right Package for Your Organization*

Based on what you to achieve, you can choose from packages with different level of involvement.

  1. Word of mouth

    $ 500 BEST FOR:

    • Increasing brand recognition among the tech community.

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    • Logo on official materials
    • Welcome package
    • Roll up

    Employer Branding

    $ 750 BEST FOR:

    • Highlighting your organization and getting in direct contact with participants.

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    • Logo on official materials
    • Welcome package
    • Roll up
    • Delegate 1 mentor
    • Company presentation
  3. Innovation

    $ 2.500 BEST FOR:

    • Having the biggest impact on the shape of event. Multiple recruitment option.

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    • Logo on official materials
    • Welcome package
    • Roll up
    • Delegate 1 mentor
    • Company presentation
    • Tech talk
    • Daily Challenge
    • Closing presentation
    • Become a Jury member
    • Follow up emails

*Price for 1 event

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