What is EMEA Coders League?

It is the official European Programming League. In 2017/2018 season we are going to run over 110 hackathons and 30 online competitions to get together IT community and inspire them to create new cool things. Individuals and teams cooperate and compete to find the best solution for a given problem or find the most innovation application area of given technology. Those are intense and high-energy hackathons that are held on Saturdays in selected major Central or East European cities and last typically around 6 hours.



Why organizations should get involved ChallengeRocket EMEA Coders League

  • Get access to great tech community

    We are community of talented and ambitious tech-savvy individuals that are not afraid to tackle some of the most difficult problems. This can be excellent place to spot new talents!

  • Find solutions to your problems

    We are community of creators and problem-solvers. We let organizations challenge the crowd to solve their problems and build great app solutions. Invite the smartest brains to work on your projects!

  • Promote your tech/API

    EMEA Coders League events are excellent ocassion to show off your tech and get immediate feedback from developers community.

Participating in EMEA Coders League hackathons was great experience. I met some like-minded people and actually get new partner for my project!

Marcin Prochera Warsaw University

Example events

Find out what event formats are we running.

  • Virtual Reality Hackathon

    Virtual Reality (VR) artificially creates sensory experiences, which can include sight, sound and touch. That's great thing for developers to play with. CodersLeague VR hack events bring together the brightest interdisciplinary minds to explore the application of virtual reality, augmented reality and immersive technologies. They can put their hands on the latest gadgets. We use Oculus, HTC Wive, Google Cardboard and more.

  • Java Lovers Hackathon

    Great event for those who love Java (and for those who love to hate Java as well!). It's not strictly product-oriented hackathon. Rather than that we're solving short code challenges and discuss proper design patterns in Java.

  • API Hackathon

    It basically a giant testing ground to let participants build all kinds of projects around different APIs and tools. It is also opportunity for participants to discover new great and not necessarily mainstream API libraries. If you have tech that would like to promote it may be ideal event for you!

  • iOS Dev Hack / Android Dev Hack

    Very easy going event where we're trying to create some cool apps for iOS/Android within a day! Discussion panel regarding design development trends in mobile programming.

  • Wearable/IoT Hackathon

    This event bring together developers who are passionate about smart iOT solutions. Wearable apps are still in their childhood so there are so many great things we can do here!

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Learn why organizations are joining EMEA CodersLeague

  • Bronze Package

    Increase brand recognition among tech community.

  • Silver Package

    Present your organization during opening ceremony.

  • Gold Package

    The biggest influence on the shape of the event. Multiple recruitment options.

Bronze Package Silver Package Gold Package
Logo on official materials website, social media
Welcome package Add your promo materials and distribute "swag" to participants
Roll-up Place your roll-up or banner during the event
Delegate mentor Get in direct contact with participants
Company presentation (during opening ceremony) Tell us about your company (5 min)
Tech Talk Present your product or API (8min)
Daily challenge Run your mini-challenge during the event.
Send more mentors Additional team members to participate at the event (maximum 5)
Closing presentation Run your presentation towards the end of the event
Become a Jury member Have influence on selecting a winner
Follow up emails You can send up to 2 emails

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  • Sponsor a meal

    Your name and logo will be featured at the meal package.

  • Run your workshop (up to 30min)

    Workshops can help participants to better understand your product and its application areas.

  • Become technology partner

    Test new API with our developers!

Join EMEA Coders League in 2016/2017 season and get package for multiple events.
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  • Our consultant will help you
    to pick the right events
  • Participation
    in 5 selected Hackathons
  • Access to
    unique Hackathons
  • 10, 15 or 30% discount depending
    on the package selected (bronze, silver, gold)
  • Package is valid
    for 3 months
  • Dedicated consultant
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Our locations

Some places where we're running our events

  • Warsaw Poland
  • Prague Czech Republic
  • Kiev Ukraine
  • Vilnius Lithuania
  • Cracow Poland
  • Bratislava Slovakia
  • Budapest Hungary
  • Minsk Belarus

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  • Personalized landing page

    If your event is part of EMEA Coders League we will get you customized landing page within ChallengeRocket platform and reach thousands of talents! If you already have your website you will be able to show it to our community!

  • Consultant support

    We will assign you a consultant that will help you with all Hackathon planning activities. We have run dozens of successful Hackathon events. You can leverage our experience!

  • Social Media Promotion

    We will use our social media channels to give extra promotional boost for your tech meetup or Hack event!

  • Photographer for your event

    To show the World how awesome it was!

  • Support in budget raising

    We can help you to get sponsors for your event

  • Event satisfaction survey

    This is post-event satisfaction survey. We send a survey to see what attendees thought of the competition, speakers, and more so we can improve in future!

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