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We use hackathons and live coding challenges to acquire creative tech specialists faster and better.

  • Spot new teams for your projects
  • Automatically evaluate candidate skills
  • Engage tech crowds with your brand & API Build your tech ecosystem
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  • Acquire new cool startups for your organization VC hacks or create external R&D
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  • Get new ideas of innovative products
  • Start to use hackathons in your company Discover potential of your employees
  • Improve or start employer branding
  • Reach tech brands followers and early adpoters

Start your hackathon right now

Find detailed information about every type of challenge

  • Online hackathon

    Developers have more quite processing time. Location is no longer an issue.

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  • Live coding hackhaton

    Our platform allows developers to solve problems writing code directly in the browser. Automatic evaluation.

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  • On-site hackathon

    You meet developers where they are and have a chance to talk to them.

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How do we work

It’s so much more than just hackhaton

Your job

  1. Contact with
    Challengerocket team
  2. Start your
  3. See applications
    coming in

Our job

  • Customized hackathon landing page

  • Consulting, show you the best practices

  • Promotion on social media, IT forums

  • Student campus marketing

  • Media coverage to press, bloggers, influencers

  • Sourcing of candidates

  • Get partners for your event

  • Communicate with hackathon participants

  • Manage user submissions and monitor all contest-related activities

  • Assessment & Results exploitation


Consult us to see detailed process behind the hackathons! We use proven challenges based on real-life problems. That verifies developers coding literacy & problem solving skills.

Why IT boys and girls love us?

all great talents love to get challenged

  • We give them new cool opportunities to start cooperation with the biggest brands
  • Because we’re fun Our onsite hacks have chill-out atmosphere, it’s great social experience to be part of them, fun & work at the same time)
  • Physical locations is no longer an issue With online code hackathons
  • When looking for new job they have clear evaluation standards and immediate feedback after code hacks
  • We make it easier for them to get smarter From developers perspective are hackathons are often a great way
    to practise programming skills, learn new things and simply have

Challengerocket in numbers

  • 80% recruitment cost savings
    per developer
  • 7 days average time to find
    30 verified candidates
  • 77% time saving to fill open position

Join our more then happy clients

BASIC Pricing

Simple Way To start your hackhaton

$ 200

1 live or online hackathon

30 days

Price include

  • Dedicated landing (without personalization, standard version)
  • 30 min consulting with project manager
  • Information about your hackathon in the newsletter (10,000 people)
  • Information about the event in Social Media
  • Your company profile in the company section
  • Link to your job offers

Do you need more?

We have attractive packages and additional services. Just contact us to get a quote tailored to your needs

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