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  • How do recruitment platforms solve the issues of today's job market?

    recruitment platforms hire programmers developers

    The IT sector is facing a huge challenge in terms of recruitment. Many industries often find that their needs are outgrowing their ability to hire developers and other specialists. Yet the world isn’t completely bare of such tech talents. Today’s answers need to be fast, dynamic, informative and innovative. ChallengeRocket is built around these principles, creating a recruitment platform specifically built around solving your IT skill gaps. If you’re still struggling to solve your staff needs and haven’t considered a recruitment platform yet, isn’t it time to take action?

  • Why is ChallengeRocket your place to recruit tech talents?

    hiring developers coders online recruitment

    Recruiting the right tech talent is no easy feat. Today’s industry is competitive, so ensuring your recruitment process works is essential. A solution is to create a means of recruitment that lets specialists showcase their own skills in an environment that encourages them to demonstrate their abilities - and this is where ChallengeRocket comes in. So, if you’re looking to hire a coder, developer or anyone else with tech talent, why is our approach so much more effective?

  • Run a Hackathon to attract the most talented tech individuals

    hackathon programming programmer code coding

    Want a better way to locate and attract talented programmers for your company? Higher quality programmers can help you provide better work for your clients. They can innovate in important directions that will improve your services, attract more sales, and ultimately increase profits. An influx of fine programmers can also help you get jobs completed faster. This often thrills clients while allowing your company to get more done in less time and with fewer stalls and headaches.

  • Who Can You Recruit With Hackathons?


    Hackathon recruitment strategies are the new emerging trend in HR world. To successfully hire a programmer today is not an easy feat. In a candidate driven market, employers need to rethink their approach to sourcing new talents. But are software developers the only group you can hire with hackathons?

  • The art of engaging the youth - HackArt online hackathon case study


    Engagement of younger generation if cultural events has decreased and HackArt challenge was organized to fight that trend. Utilizing the form of a hackathon, it encouraged 93 participants to create solutions that aim to help promote museums, theaters, or philharmonics among this demographic. The contest was organized by platform in collaboration with Syrena Theatre, Museum of Warsaw, Zachęta - National Gallery of Art, and Sinfonia Varsovia orchestra.

  • Two Months, 53 Countries, And Over 500 Participants - The Magic Of Mercari Euro Hack 2018


    How to organize a hackathon engaging over 500 people from over 50 countries ? And how to do that in just two and a half months ? It’s part skill, part experience, part madness, and 100% passion. Keep reading to discover some of our secrets.

  • Hire developers with recruitment platforms


    Currently, more than ever before, the recruiters face the challenges posed by a major shit in the market. The unemployment rates are low, and candidate awareness is increasing, which means the job market is being dictated by candidates, not by employers. The need to revamp recruitment techniques is now at an all-time high. What can be done to successfully hire developers and how do recruitment platforms come into this equation?

  • How to design a code challenge to recruit programmers?


    Businesses in need of developers are currently facing a difficult reality of candidate-driven job market. Software developers are a demographics difficult to penetrate and find the talents to hire. According to StackOverflow , 22% of them don’t have a LinkedIn account, which in countries like Poland means as many as 55 000 of potential candidates impossible to reach the conventional way. How to combat these obstacles and recruit programmers best fitting your company? Hiring with code challenges appears to be the hack to solve this issue.

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