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  • Innovations sourcing among sensors companies

    laptop on the desk

    Innovations sourcing among sensors companies, electronic companies were taken seriously because of the online challenges it met with during integration to the platform. For years global tech communities have been looking to find the latest technology to increase sales conversion and boost rates by employing tech talents, improve on product development procedures and product promotion techniques.

  • Innovations sourcing among automobile companies

    car on the road

    Finding the right tech talents, crowdsourcing to an enlightened crowd, showing great signs of product development and outsourcing to the worldwide tech communities are some of the ways automobile companies stay aloft in this rapidly changing industry.

  • Innovation Sourcing Among Smart Home Companies

    people in smart home with laptops and smartphones

    Smart home companies keep coming up with new technologies that redefine how we live and take action about our security, temperature and general home automation systems.

  • Innovations sourcing among electronics companies

    man with innovative drone

    Electronic companies are always seeking out innovation; if you're in the tech eco-system, chances are you will too. Among a variety of products and ideas developed by tech talents over the years, there is still a considerable gap. Between what innovation is at the moment and what its supposed to be in the future.

  • CES 2018 - machine learning challenges of everyday-use appliances

    man using smartphone to manage smart home

    This year’s Consumer Electronic Show was undoubtedly thriving with a plethora of new AI-powered products, from smart fridges, through smart displays, all the way to even more prototypes of self-driving cars, companies from around the globe had the chance to show off their latest innovations in Las Vegas.

  • Innovations sourcing among IoT/wearable

    Internet of Things on field

    Growth in electronic companies has seen a number of wearable devices being produced that are interconnected to each other. Online challenges don't matter, the fact that a UK study predicted that by 2020, about 20 billion - 100 billion devices will be connected to each other following the internet of things says a lot about the huge potential in this global tech community.

  • Innovations sourcing among robotics companies


    At the time of looking for new ways to add value to the lives of the existing human lives on Earth, science and technology have gone into a lot of research and development over the years, hoping to find a silver lining at the end of the tunnel. These efforts are what gave birth to global tech communities migrating to form electronic companies, robotics companies, tech eco-system nurturing tech talents and ChallengeRocket .

  • Your programmers are artists, and you should treat them as such

    You are baffled by that title, aren’t you? Maybe you shouldn’t, the truth is not all that complicated! Without giving it much consideration you might be thinking that since you’ve hired people with technical degrees, individuals skilled in programming , not painters after art school, that we’re talking gibberish, that we’re ludicrous. The thing is, we’re honestly not, let us explain.

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