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  • How to make a hackathon best suit your needs?

    Depending on what the company of institution organizing a hackathon is expecting, the event can take many forms, involve different people and have different goals. The general principle is always the same – at a certain time and place (if a hackathon is stationary) specialists from different areas of new technologies come together in teams to work together on solving a problem or creating something new.

  • How to make your employees have innovative ideas? 4 useful methods

    The biggest companies in the technology industry (and other industries as well) are known for constantly investing in the development of their employees, whom they see as the most precious element in the functioning of the entire corporate machinery. What is it that they do to foster their employees’ ingenuity and promote innovative thinking?

  • How to make the work culture in your company more creative and innovative?

    Why are some companies viewed as more innovative and creative than others? What to do in order to make the workspace in your company favor new ideas and unusual decisions? Here are a couple of tips derived from observing the workspace and work culture in companies such as Facebook, Virgin Airlines and IDEO.

  • Why big corporations and startups are becoming the best friends?

    If you think of IT and tech innovation Google, Facebook or Tesla are the first names that comes to people's minds.

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