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  • Forget about formalities - recruit at hackathons

    recruitment - talking about job contract

    Recruiting tech talents for your company is a long process that’s necessary for your business to develop and evolve. It’s a resource-consuming activity that has a very promising alternative to. To hire developers your business needs, recruit at hackathons, and here’s why!

  • 5 reasons recruiting at hackathons is the answer to your company's needs

    Carrying out in-person job interviews is a tried and true method for hiring new people for your company. That is the way things have been handled for years and many employers don’t seem to realize other options are available. It is time, however, for hackathon recruitment to become the widespread method of sourcing new employees, and here’s why.

  • How To Recruit Programmers More Effectively? 6 Practical Tips

    Experts estimate that by the end of 2017 expenditures of companies in the world for technological solutions will exceed 3.5 trillion dollars. The demand for qualified engineers in the IT industry is constantly growing. However, there are still fewer top-class specialists than attractive jobs they can take. This puts out a new challenge to employers - how to attract the best candidates to their teams? We will show you a few ways how to make this process more efficient.

  • 5 ways to successfully recruit candidates during hackathons

    Hackathons are more and more often seen as an effective non-standard way of recruiting new employees. For organisers, it’s a great opportunity to gather in one place many specialists engaged in creating new technologies and, after identifying those of their competencies they are interested in most, to offer them a job.

  • Can only IT workers be recruited during hackathons?

    Hackathons are a great way to recruit new employees. Technological companies are well aware of this fact and they more and more often use them as means of finding new people for their development, testing or analytical teams. But is it true that such a recruitment process makes sense only in IT?

  • Hiring developers through Hackathons

    Traditional code assignments that are given to candidates during job interviews don't really show how they will perform in a real project. It's also hard to predict how candidate will behave in stressful situation.

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