Hackathon-based Tech Recruitment Case Study

Aug 07, 2016

This case study describes software developers recruitment model that we implemented in client organization along with its key underlaying concepts. We show how their sourcing strategy has evolved over time and quickly discuss effectiveness of various approaches that were tested in the process. Finally we briefly indicate how competitive events model and screening solutions introduced by ChallengeRocket.com helped client to reach its targets more effectively.   


Agency specializing in recruiting engineers and technical professionals operating mainly on markets in Europe and South America with big focus on countries with emerging economies. Typical project is to fill 20-60 tech positions typically in the areas of software development, software quality assurance or system administration.   

Value proposition

Value proposition of the client organization is based on three pillars:
- time: ability to deliver candidates in short amount of time,
- amount: ability to fill many positions within single project,
- quality: ability to deliver the right candidates.
The goal is to provide quality service and great experience both for clients and candidates. Success is based on well-organized processes as well as highly trained and dedicated consultants.  

Problem and a bit of a history

In their own words: "Challenge that we are facing everyday is to attract and retain right candidates. Traditionally we have been relying on job boards to get candidates for open positions."
With reputed clients it was a natural choice to rely on either on the biggest or the best-reputed sites in each country we've been working in. This strategy was working for years but over time we observed that we're getting less and less applications from job posting. What is even more important we have noticed that the quality of entries we're receiving is also lower than it used to be. It seemed like there wre a lot of new less-experienced tech savvy people entering the job market that responded to our ads. It also seemed like significan amount of senior developers migrated to different places.  
For a while we sticked with traditional hiring approaches expanding reach of our actions and giving extra visibility to our job ads. Unfortunately it didn't help a lot and eventually we found ourselves in a situation where it took us more than 60 days to fill certain senior positions and our hiring success ratio  dropped from 10% to 6,5% (which means that on average out of 15 engineers we interviewed we were able to identify one suitable engineer who was hired by the final client).

Recruiting with ChallengeRocket

ChalengeRocket help organization to implement its competitive recruitment model, run dedicated hackathon events and improve organization processes. In the latest hiring project client managed to raise his ratio of accepted candidates to 16%. 80% of positions within the project were filled in just 20 days. All positions for the project were filled in 30 days.