Why big corporations and startups are becoming the best friends?

Sep 20, 2016

If you think of IT and tech innovation Google, Facebook or Tesla are the first names that comes to people's minds. And they are all big corporations. But if we look at the amount of big organizations who've developed truly disruptive new businesses, technologies, business models, the number actually turns out to be pretty low. Google or Facebook seem to be notable exceptions here but true disruption comes from startups world.

This is why big corporations often try to recreate startup environment within their structure. And usually they do it by concentrating on external aspects of it. This may entail things like organizing open office spaces with coffee on tap and bringing in some playstations. This is fine and adopting superficial markings of startup culture may be a pretty good move. But it may not be enough on its own.

Innovative corporate culture is not an artificial environment consisting of ping-pong tables and lava lamps. It more about the unifying mission and unique startup spirit. It's also largely about risk-taking attitude and willingness to experiment that would be hard to implement in large organizations. 

Actually more and more brands discover that an effective way to grow and innovate might be trough cooperation and partnering up with existing startups. 500 Startups report shows that more than 50% of the world's biggest public companies from the Forbes Global 500 are currently engaging with startups. 

Having that in mind ChallengeRocket.com helps with "startup scouting". We assist big and mediums-size organization to open external R&D and run innovation hubs in different parts of the world.

We leverage our wide network and experience in running corporate startup accelerator programs. The goal of our program is to embrace corporate innovation in a structural way. We aim to help companies by creating and supporting corporate venture teams, build ecosystem of startups around them and help teams to structurally incorporate a new mindset and methodologies to execute radically new ideas. Our experience shows that big companies can successfully develop global partnerships and take advantage of available startup networks.

Our ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between world of big corporations and disruptive startups allowing both to grow more fast!