NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Challenge


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  • PRIZE POOL $42,789
  • DATE Oct 23, 2017 - Feb 18, 2018 23:59 GMT

NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Challenge

Challenge overview

Calling all great developers, engineers, scientists, startups, and students! NVIDIA is challenging you to show us how you can transform robotics, industrial IoT, healthcare, security, or any other industry with a powerful AI solution built on the NVIDIA® Jetson™ platform.

You’ll not only get the chance to win amazing prizes, but also a trip to present your project to CEOs, executives, and industry peers at the world's biggest event for GPU innovation and Artificial Intelligence (AI)—the GPU Technology Conference (GTC). Check out the "Prizes" section for details.

AI is empowering the world’s brightest minds to create amazing breakthrough. Today, NVIDIA GPUs simulate human intelligence, run deep learning algorithms, and act as the brains of computers, robots, and self-driving cars. We want to see your creation!

New to NVIDIA Jetson? Get a Jetson Developer Kit here!

Prizes include:

  • Up to $10,000 in cash
  • Top-of-the-line NVIDIA TITAN Xp graphics card
  • NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Developer Kit
  • Deep Learning Institute training and much more.

Finalists will receive an expense paid trip to GTC in Silicon Valley, California for the opportunity to present their NVIDIA Jetson-enabled creation.

Do you have what it takes to be part of the next AI revolution? Then unleash your ingenuity and create a powerful AI application built on NVIDIA Jetson. Your project could also be featured on NVIDIA’s social media channels.


Check what's at stake!

How to submit

How to submit your entry to the NVIDIA Jetson Developer Challenge

  1. Assemble your team or apply solo.
  2. Create your ChallengeRocket.com account, register to the Challenge, and fill out the application form.
  3. Come up with a great idea and create an AI project using NVIDIA Jetson.
  4. Submit your project via ChallengeRocket.com (deadline for submissions: February 18, 2018).
  5. Finalists (and Public Voters Choice winner) will be announced on March 29, 2018.
  6. Finalists will be flown to GTC in Silicon Valley, California for the opportunity to present their projects!

Judging criteria

Use of AI and Deep Learning
AI should be a part of your creation!
Quality of the idea
How cool and creative is your concept?
Quality of work
How well was your idea executed and how well does it leverage NVIDIA Jetson TX2 or Jetson TX1?
Design of your project
How visually and aesthetically robust is your project?
Functionality of your project
How does it perform?
Impact and scalability
Can your solution change the world?

Get inspired!

Check out some examples below to help you in your creative process and get you inspired. We’re excited to see what you build!

  • AI Homes:

    • Safety/security
    • Creative home automation
    • Personal/social bot
  • Dr. Robot:

    • Smart health
    • Self/family/elderly care
  • Till the Earth:

    • Smart farming
    • Chatbot for farmers
    • Robot scarecrow
    • Drone sprayer
  • Geek Out:

    • Service robots
    • Humanoid robots
    • Hack the machine – e.g. voice assistant

The Challenge is designed to be fun and inspirational. Any concept is worth developing, so don't hesitate to present even the craziest idea! Don’t know how to get started on using NVIDIA Jetson? Go to the "[[Resources]]" section to find materials to help you build and submit a winning project!

Submission requirements

You need to prepare a short demo video (up to 5 minutes) depicting and describing the product/prototype you created or significantly updated during the Challenge submission period. You also need to include a software or hardware architectural diagram, images and description when submitting your project. You are free to include additional documentation, videos or images presenting your solution. The submission and all its assets must be publicly available during the judging period.

Please keep in mind that the submission for the Challenge must be a working project that uses NVIDIA Jetson. Submissions must be original, the work of the participants, and must not infringe, misappropriate, or otherwise violate any IP (intellectual property) rights, proprietary rights, privacy rights, moral rights, or any other rights of any person or entity. Any case of plagiarism may result in disqualification of the participant from the Challenge. Submissions must be in English or translated accordingly. You can include subtitles or audio bubbles in your video.

Submissions may be newly created or pre-existing products modified to meet the content and Challenge requirements. Submissions must comply with all content guidelines applicable to the Terms and Conditions.

Reasons to participate


  • 01 Reason

    The opportunity to showcase your project developed with NVIDIA Jetson

  • 02 Reason

    Cash and other prizes up for grabs

  • 03 Reason

    Paid trips to GTC in Silicon Valley, US

  • 04 Reason

    Great fun and new development opportunities

  • 05 Reason

    Enrich your resume/portfolio with your project

  • 06 Reason

    Potential shortcut to glory

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