Work on your projects with thousands of talents worldwide


Crowdsourcing has many application areas!


    We help to reach and engage creative & tech crowd. HR can use open contests to spot "hidden talents". R&D and marketing dept can leverage wisdom of the crowd to generate new ideas while building positive image of a brand that is truly open to cooperate with consumers.


    VCs and angel investors love hackathons as they often unique opportunity to meet teams and see how effectively they work refining their business concepts.

  3. NGOs

    NGOs and charities can use power of the crowd to find solutions to their problems and make social impact. Do you wish to run hackathon for a good cause? ChallengeRocket helps those who help others!


What we can do for you

  1. Learn about our products & services

    Are you on a lookout for new ideas for your brand? Maybe you need new software solution, want to improve your content marketing or wish to promote your API and get thousand of developers to work within your ecosystem. Whatever it might be write us at

  2. Needs analysis

    We pick the best format and the work out the most effective strategy to engage community of makers for your contest. We encourage all clients to join EMEA Coders League. It's series of international tech events to bring together the
    most creative developers, engineers and designers from all over the world.

  3. Strategy implementation

    We guarantee fast results of our actions. Our solutions enable you to build a sustainable competitive advantage.


ChallengeRocket is a perfect place for your organization

  1. Multi-track development

    You'll have many talents representing various backgrounds and skillsets working simultaneously on your problem.

  2. Fast effects

    Launch challenge on our platform right now and see first solutions as early as next week! Tap the crowd to speed up development of your projects.

  3. Modern branding

    Crowdsourcing can boost your brand awareness and improve loyalty. Today consumers are active. Make them part of the brand. Let them work together with you !

  4. Fresh look

    People from outside your organization can bring in completely new perspective.

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