Business partners

Are you running marketing agency, PR firm or software development house? Run Crowdsourcing initiatives for your clients with our tools and support. Crowdsourcing allows businesses to use the input of multiple sources, both within the corporation and externally.

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Technology Partners

Promote your technology and build ecosystem around your tech platform! With our support your software solutions, API or hardware can be showcased during Hackathons and tech conferences.

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Software lab Partner

Promote your software solutions amongst tech community.

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Hardware Lab Partner

Get thousands of creative developers all around the world to test your hardware during Hackathons and technical conferences. Keep and strengthen your relationships with creative tech community.

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Educational Partner

Click below to learn more about ChallengeRocket education's partner program.

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Service Providers

If you have any product or services that you would like to expose in front of tech community let's get in touch!

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Become a ChallengeRocket Ambassador. We're looking for motivated, outgoing people with enthusiasm to promote hackathons and tech competitions on your university campus! Our program is an opportunity for students to act as liaisons between ChallengeRocket and their universities. Get in touch to find out more about that role.

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Mentorship really matters is an integral part of any hackathon. We believe that mentors are one of the reasons behind Hackathons being so incredibly inspiring for young people. ChallengeRocket Mentors proved to be the spirit and the strength of many great events. If you are interested in signing up and learning how to help at hackathons near you, fill out the contact form below!

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Strategic Alliances

Do you believe we may have a shared mission? Do you think you could help us to develop a more effective process, expand into a new market or develop an advantage over a competitors? Let's get in touch!

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Media Partner

Hackathons are places where future is being created. We're looking forward to all media that wish to cover our open events.

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Want to be part of your Dev EcoSystem

We’re searching for all kinds of innovators, worldwide. Let's talk and see what are the great things we can do together!

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Key benefits for our partners

  • Acquire New Customers

    We support and promote new technology. Getting new clients is main benefit of working with us, what is why join us today to gain networking net!

  • Increase Revenue

    We increase income of your organisation. Partners' resources complement, providing access to new markets and revenue streams. Your brand is being recognizable in the IT community.

  • Expand Geographic Reach

    Reach further with your products! International action of your platform gives you wider possibilities for promotion around the world!

  • Extend Product Lines

    Partnership with us gives you access to materials, knowledge and wide IT community, which you need to expand offer and get valuable feedback. Get some new inspiration!

  • Access New Technologies and IP

    Show your products among IT community and let all them know about it! First step to success!

  • Add Sharing Resources

    We want our clients to succeed that is why being our Partner gives you an opportunity to find new talents on a huge networking net!

Our Clients

  • Philips
  • Honda
  • Unilever
  • Vodafone
  • Sharp

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+48 (22) 21 39 057

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