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  • Lokalizacja USA
  • Czas Trwania 28.04.18-29.04.18
  • Pula nagród $ 400

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Come join the Saints marching into the Summer of 2018 at SaintsHack.

will be taking place on April 28th and 29th.

Siena College offers the distinct oppurtunity to allows students from all around to engage with a vast network of emerging companies in the Capital region. We have a strong representation of alumni in this community and are able to open our offers to students who are talented and motivated. 

Siena College is known for its community and its friendly and embracing environment. We believe this is the best way to grow both personally and professionally. 

Come join us and hack with the Friars.


SaintsHack is open to students and anyone that wants to put their development skills to the test (18+ years old).

Judging criteria

Code Readablility
Standards of indentation and formatting. Variables are named meaningfully, so that they communicate intent. Comments are concise and adhere to standard formats. Leveraging iteration and recursion rather than copy and paste coding. Functions to the point.

Organizational information

Meals, snacks, and refreshments will be provided.

Blankets, pillows, and computers will not be provided, so bring your own!

Resumes are welcome and strongly encouraged. This is a great opportunity to submit them to companies!

Safety is our number one priority; stealing, damaging private or college property, or any other misconduct is strictly prohibited.

Additional information

For more details click the button 'I want to participate', then 'Show details'. Find out more about hackathons in our hackathon section.

Where and when?

Check out the event's date and venue

  • Where 515 New Loudon Rd, Albany, NY 12211, USA
  • When April 28-29, 2018

+48 (22) 21 39 057

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