The HackTrain 3.0

  • Lokalizacja The United Kingdom
  • Czas Trwania 04.11.16-06.11.16
  • Pula nagród OTHER

Dowiedz się, o co chodzi

The HackTrain 3.0 is arguably one of the craziest and most memorable hackathon experiences on earth! A weekend-long adventure hacking whilst on moving trains! 120 of the very best developers, designers and entrepreneurs will be building apps, websites and hardware that tackles the industry's biggest challenges!


The HackTrain Hackathon is the UK and Europe's premier hackathon on a train. A 3-day journey across the UK + EU, where 120 top developers, designers and entrepreneurs create websites and apps to solve the industry's biggest challenges. The HackTrain has identified core challeges that the industry is facing, and key datasets with a lot of potential. During the event, the HackTrain will make these available for the participants to create solutions that could revolutionise the industry.


1st Prize: the winning team will get a fully-paid trip to Hong Kong!
2nd Prize: 4x Bose Headphones + Free flights and accommodation for 1 to attend HackTrain HK.
3rd Prize: 4x Amazon Echo's + Free flights and accommodation for 1 to attend HackTrain HK.

For more details click the button 'I want to participate', then 'Show details'. Find out more about hackathons in our hackathon section.

Check out the video of last year's HACKTRAIN 2.0!

+48 (22) 21 39 057

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