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Pre-assess without getting your tech IT team involved

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Post your latest job offer coupled together with a SkillChallenge
Candidates apply by simply displaying their talent in online SkillChallenges.
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Ready-to-hire applicants are available immediately ranked in your online Talent Pool
Hire top-performing talent
Make decisions with a whole lot more confidence - based on skills, not just CVs
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Eliminate time-consuming resume screening. Pinpoint the crème de la crème.
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ChallengeRocket so different
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Database of ready-to-hire candidates
Pre-screened & matching talents
Matching engine
Applicants-to-interview ratio
Engaged candidates in talent pool
Automatic feedback to 100% candidates
Online video interview module
Enhancement of employer branding

In 30 days we reached over 30k people from target group, sourced 490 Java and C++ specialists and pre-assessed 393 of them thanks to SkillChallenge formula

Sourcing cost reduction
Precisely matched hire recommendations
Reach in target group via marketing campaign

It took us 2 months to attract almost 700 highly-skilled C++ developers to take part in recruitment SkillChallenge

Sourcing cost reduction
Candidates solved a challenge
Reach in target group via marketing campaign

In a less than a 1 month, we gathered 617 Java and Python developers taking part in SkillChallenge-based recruitment campaign

Sourcing cost reduction
Precisely matched hire recommendations
Reach in target group via marketing campaign

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