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Recruitment with Hackathons

You reach people currently looking for a job.
You also reach talents who are currently employed.


Good developers are hard to reach. Most of them are already engaged in projects and are not looking for new things to do. While traditional recruitment methods can work out for talents who are currently on the lookout for new occupation, Hackathons can engage all developers including those developers who are employed at the moment. That opens up employer branding opportunities early on! Additionally Hackathons let us discover "hidden talents". Let's not forget that a lot of great developers do not have professional LinkedIn account!

Evaluate candidates with short assignments.
Test candidates skills in the actual project.


Traditional code assignments that are given to candidates during job interviews don't really show how they will perform in a real project.
Hackathons reveal whether candidates have the endurance to work well on the actual team project under a tight deadline.

Candidates take personality assessments.
You observe candidates in working environment.


We believe that if your hiring is primarily based on interviews and personality tests, you are missing out a lot. Hackathons could be significantly more effective in this respect as they give an opportunity to observe candidates in real project environments. Hackathons can push toxic attitudes to the surface and reveal undesirable personality traits of developers.

You ask candidates how they handle pressure & stress.
You observe how candidates deal with stressful situation.


Hackathons reveal how whether candidates have the endurance to work well on the actual team project under a tight deadline. After few hours of very intensive work you can see who's doing great and who's loosing his cool.

You meet one person at a time.
Group meeting.


You can have one-on-one meetings during Hackathons. But besides that they are group events offering tremendous employer branding opportunities. You may build your brand image and let people know what are the cool projects your organization is working on!

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Traditional job sites do not attract tech savvy crowds anymore

Build long-term recruiting strategy with Hackathons.

  • Code Challenges

    Spoting talents this way can be much more effective than resume filtering alone.

  • App challenges

    It's difficult to scale up skills assessment without seeing how candidates are working on a real projects.

  • Employer profile

    Great mechanism for creating lasting employer brand. Contact us for more details!

Code challenges

Observe problem solving aptitude.

  • Attract top talents

    Reach 'hidden talents' who are not accessible through traditional sources

  • Pick the right format

    We can help you to run custom Hackathon or join existing coding event.

  • Provide the best experience for candidates

    They will surely appreciate great event!

App challenges

See candidates in a real projects

  • Reach developers with niche skills.

    We are the fastest growing community of developers with truly wide range of skills

  • Use methods that are truly predictive of future job performance.

    Hackathons show whether candidates can work in a real team project under a tight deadline.

  • Have one-on-one or talk with many candidates at the same time.

    Informal chat during Hackathon can easily lead to acquiring new amazing talent!

Employer profile

Completely new employer marketing opportunity.

  • Attract developers with your company's technology

    Establish your presence in developer-oriented communities and show them what you've got!

  • Identify top profiles while showcasing your employer brand.

    We promote brands in tech community and increase their chances of acquiring the best talents.

  • Increase candidates engagement

    Competitive event can do a great job here.

Case Study

Explore the newest methods of tech recruiting based on others experiences.

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Conduct remote online tests from anywhere. Cut down on travelling time and cost.

  • Run hundreds of assessments at the same time.
  • Run assessments for various roles and experience levels.
  • Get real-time reports. It's super easy to use!
  • Get immediate results and comparisons!

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Outsource developer evaluation calls.

  • Learn more about our call center recruitment process.
  • Use our effective methodologies to evaluate candidates on teamwork
  • Outsource campus interviews
  • Assigned roles ensuring the best fit of the candidates.

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