What is Hackathon?

How to use it to reach your goals.

Hackathon is a social coding event that lasts several hours or days and brings together developers and people from related fields (e.g. graphic designers, project managers, business analysts and others). The main purpose of running a hackathon is finding the solution of assigned problem due to competing of several groups of programmers. It's a great way to promote your technology, recruit tech talents and generate new solutions for your organization.

Case study

HackArt was the first art hacking event in CEE region that involved major cultural institutions. The goal was to promote the arts among youth using new technologies.

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Hackathon Components

See what does it take to throw an epic even


Hackathon idea

Hackathon concept

Create event concept consistent with your organization goals.

Hackathon theme

A themed codefest is one in which the projects are confined to a particular problem.

Marketing concept

Think how to attract employees or external talents to your event.


Target audience


If your running open hackathon we can help you to reach out the best developers, designers and creative minds to your event.


We can help you to attract subject matter experts to attend the hackfest. They will their expertise and help participants with problem investigation.


We can assist you in acquiring sponsors for your event.



Recruiting participants

We'll make sure that you've got the right people to provide valuable solutions to your challenge.


Participants will be updated with all event news through mailing and Hackathon page news section.


Hackathon event might be the first step in building dedicated community of talents around your brand or technology. We will help you to achieve that goal.

Social media

We will take care of your event social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube).




We can prepare participants prior to the event to maximize results during Hackathon.


We can organize meetups prior to the actual event.


Running the event

Let's begin

We need to bring excitement into the room!


You’ll need to do a ton of things to throw a great Hackathon event: book venue, order catering and make a last minute run to Starbucks if they don't prepare enough coffee. We'll be on the ground to help you out with everything.


Subtle background music is a great way to kick start an event. We'll just need to make sure the chosen genre reflects the mood you wish to create for your hack day.


Pre-programming all the lighting effects prior to the event, we can tie movement and colour changes in with any music which is played so it all ties together during kick-off and award ceremony.


Let's create a vibrant highlights movie of your codefest and awards ceremony.


Judging & award ceremony

Work submission

Participants submit final works to our platform and prepare their pitches.

Idea pitching

We'll help to prepare demo sessions.

Judging process

Our platform streamlines judging process. We can also make sure you get great judges for your event and may support them with with app installation and content moderation.

Award ceremony

Showcase the finalists and winners is one of the most important parts of the event. We'll make sure they got the right exposure. We can also use your branding to design main awards presentation template in an animated form. Let bring your content to life!



Media coverage

We will help you to capture media attention for your hack day. We prepare press releases and contact reports directly.

Event follow-up

We will make sure everyone is well informed about the project development status!

Event formats

See what kind of competitions we can run for you

Onsite Hackathon

Onsite Hackathon is a meeting of minds. Tech and creative people meet at the event to creative something amazing and compete for prizes. It's a new form of work embraced more and more often by top brands all around the world. They help to generate new ideas and are breeding grounds for recruitment. And their application area goes far beyond tech sector. Find out why hackfests are so popular and how they can benefit your organizations.

Online Hackathon

Works can be submitted online therefore anyone can participate regardless of physical location. Great minds are distributed all around the world. With Online Hackathon you can reach top talents no matter where they are. Online Hackathons also give more time to polish solutions. Lean on our experience running your challenge. We have standardized customized event framework that can be replicated efficiently across various kinds of competitive events.

Idea Challenge

The best ideas often come from the least anticipated direction. Thanks to ChallengeRocket thousands of developers and creative makers can think about solutions to your problems and suggest some great concepts. It's a solution for open brands who want to invite consumers to conversation and cooperate with them on products.

Recruitment Hackathon

Hackathons are opportunity to discover new talents and see them working on actual team projects. Resumes are passé! Hackathons are HR game-changers offering recreating actual working environments.

MVP prototypes

Kick off your projects with running a competition to build MVP (minimum viable product) prototype by our community. Whatever you're doing chances are there are developers out there who did similar projects. That gives not only opportunity to code re-use resulting in quicker results but also give you a chance to get different perspectives and ideas. So run a MVP challenge, get all the works, meet all teams and pick the best one to work with.


Those are events for startups to work on refining their products with specialists from various fields. It is also opportunity for angel investors and VSs to meet startup teams, see how they think and how they work.


Are you sure your software is secure? Find out if your website, computer or network can be hacked!

Big Data Hacks

Imagine your big data sets meeting our community of talents! How cool would that be? ChallengeRocket help to reach community of data scientists and AI developers can extract knowledge and get insights from unstructured sets of data. Maybe you are interested in data visualization? Engage crowd to analyze database, audio, video, image or text content to identify ways of presenting the information in a modern, accessible, social media-friendly manner!

API Promotion

We can run events increasing engagement with your API/developer ecosystem. ChallengeRocket is a place to cooperate with hard-to-reach tech influencers, developers and creatives. We can run meetups, workshops and challenges to find out the best implementation of your API as well as encourage competing teams to make awesome apps using your tech.

EMEA Coders League Hackathons

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Cracow Hackathon


Krakow is the 2nd biggest city in Poland with population of 730.000 inhabitants.Great talent pool made it possible for the city to establish itself on the global map of the most attractive locations for international business process outsourcing centers (BPO) and research & development (R&D) centers. It should be emphasized that Kraków was classified among the top 10 most attractive cities in the world for business services outsourcing in the „Tholons Top Outsourcing Destinations” ranking. There are about 50 large multinational companies in the city, including Google, IBM, Royal Dutch Shell, Motorola, Delphi, MAN SE, General Electric, Aon Hewitt, Cisco Systems Hitachi, Philip Morris, Capgemini, Sabre Holdings and more.

Human potential

Economic growth of the city in high-tech industry was possible with highly-skilled workforce and great local universities. Every year over 170.000 students attend Krakow’s 25 institutions of higher education.

Did you know...

In 2013 Lonely Planet voted Krakow square the best market square in the world. That is absolutely fantastic place to get a drink after we're done with coding!

Warsaw Hackathon


Warsaw is the capital and largest city of Poland with population is estimated at 1.740 million and a greater metropolitan area of 2.7 million residents. It is considered an "Alpha–" global city, a major international tourist destination and a significant cultural, political and economic hub. And surely when it comes to skilled workforce it is a home of one of the most talented individuals in Europe. Especially in the IT Sector! That's why many of the top world brands decided to open their R&D centres here.

Human potential

Warsaw holds some of the finest institutions of higher education in Europe. It is home to four major universities and over 62 smaller schools of higher education. It is where new talents are born and it is where we look for new great hackers to engage them with our dev competitions! The overall number of students of all grades of education in Warsaw is almost 500,000 (29.2% of the city population). The number of university students is over 280,000! Students and graduates constitute great pool of highly-skilled talents that made it possible for Warsaw to rise.

Did you know...

It has been said that Warsaw, together with Frankfurt, London, Paris and Barcelona is one of the cities with the highest number of skyscrapers in the Europe. That is very inspiring environment to write some great code!

Gdansk Hackathon


Gdansk is a city with 460.000 inhabitants in the north of Poland. Gdańsk is considered one of the most beautiful cities on the Baltic Sea and in the last years it emerged as next hot high-tech Polish city. The share of high-tech sectors such as electronics, telecommunications and IT engineering is on the rise. Due to top-qualified technical workforce many global brands decided to open their IT centres here - for example Lufthansa runs its global flight scheduling from the IT centre in Gdansk. City of Gdansk is also one of the pioneers in Poland when it comes to open data initiatives.

Human potential

Gdansk with nearby Sopot and Gdynia are often referred as 'Tricity'. So if we invite you to hackathon in Gdansk we invite you not to one, but to three cities at once! The Tricity metropolitan area has a population of over 1 million people. In Gdansk itself there are 14 higher schools including 3 universities with over 60.000 students!

Did you know...

Gdansk is situated on the Baltic Sea so we can start to code in the morning, finish at the beach in the evening!

Katowice Hackathon


Katowice is a city in southwestern Poland. Traditionally large coal and steel center today the city is growing metropolis with IT industry being on a rise. Katowice is a great place to run hackathons and reach IT crowds due to several reasons. The first one is related with demographics. Population of Katowice is around 300.000 but city is also part of the wider Silesian metropolitan area inhibited by over 5.2 million people! Another reason is the attractiveness of Katowice for foreign investors. The most well-known companies that have invested in Katowice include Capgemini, Unilever, Rockwell Automation, Oracle, PwC, Deloitte, Vattenfall, Kroll Ontrack, ING, ABB, Bombardier, Mentor Graphics, UPC and IBM.

Human potential

Running Hackathon event in Katowice we can successfully attract participants from 14 adjacent cities that form one urban organism. Katowice itself is a large scientific centre. It has over 20 schools of higher education, at which over 100.000 people study. Great quality of local universities is one of the reasons behind Katowice having top engineering talents in Poland!

Did you know

Katowice can boast one of the lowest unemployment rates and the highest monthly salary in Poland (overtaking Warsaw!).

Poznan Hackathon


Poznań is one of the biggest cities in Poland. The city population is about 550.000. Poznań is today one of the largest Polish centers of trade, industry, sports, education, technology, tourism and culture. Poznań is also regarded as the second most prosperous city in Poland (after Warsaw). That's why there are many large multinational IT companies in the city, including Ciber, Capgemini, Volkswagen and Jeronimo Martins. Foreign companies are primarily attracted by high level of education of IT graduates.

Human potential

Poznań is one of the four largest academic centers in Poland. The number of students in the city of Poznań is about 140.000. Every one of four inhabitants in Poznań is a student. Since Poznań is smaller than Warsaw or Cracow still having a very large number of students it makes the city even more vibrant and dense "academic hub" than both former and current capitals of Poland!

Did you know...

Students from computer science faculty started few times in world championships organised by IEEE Computer Society and ImagineCup (Microsoft). Four different teams were three-time world champions and two-time on the dais! Isn't it the best proof that Poznan is home of highly-skilled IT talents?

Szczecin Hackathon


Szczecin located near the Baltic Sea is Poland's seventh-largest city with the population of 407.811. Szczecin is a city of young active people, a city of dynamic growth in the office space market and innovative technologies. It is also a rapidly growing IT service centre! The basis for the economic development and competitiveness of Szczecin is modern technologies, and that is why the city invests in research and development centres, the IT infrastructure and business environment institutions.

Human potential

Szczecin is the largest academic centre in the Westpomeranian Region, with 18 higher education institutions, including 3 universities. There are approximately 1.600 IT students in Szczecin! Moreover, technology studies are highly popular with students, and it is a huge potential to be used by the companies from the IT sectors.

Did you know...

In the centre of Szczecin there is located Technopark Pomerania. Since 2000 its objective has been to support the development of innovative companies, IT startups and entrepreneurs in the region. Currently there are over 60 companies from IT and knowledge-based sectors with over 500 employees in total! It's perfect place to run great hackathons!

Wroclaw Hackathon


Wroclaw is the largest city in western Poland with a population of around 650.000 within the city limits and the metropolitan area of 1.2 million. It is recognizable on the IT Map of Europe as an IT-Valley of Poland. IT sector is one of the most dynamically developing sectors of Wroclaw economy. The city has vibrant startup scene and also houses the most successful foreign and domestic high-tech corporations, such as Google, Ericsson, IBM, Opera Software, Siemens, Bosch, Nokia Networks, Volvo, HP, DeLaval, Whirlpool Corporation, WABCO, Tieto, Mitsubishi Electric, LG and others. Wrocław is also research and development center aviation industry - Global Engineering Centre, the American company UTC Aerospace Systems.

Human potential

That was all possible with talented and ambitious individuals - many of whom has graduated from local universities. Wroclaw is the third largest educational centre of Poland, with 135.000 students in 30 colleges.

Did you know...

Besides ChallengeRocket hackathons there are a lot of other exciting stuff happening in Wroclaw. In 2016, the city is a European Capital of Culture and the World Book Capital. Also, Wrocław will host the Theatre Olympics, World Bridge Games, the European Film Awards in 2016 and World Games in 2017!

Rzeszow Hackathon


Rzeszow is the biggest city in southeastern Poland, with a population of roughly 190,000. Highly-skilled local workforce made a lot of successful IT companies open their offices in Rzeszow. Amongst them is Asseco Poland SA - the largest Polish computer software company. Still Rzeszow is quite young IT ecosystem and at the moment may be not as chic as Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw or Gdansk. But considering how amazing people we met there we think it may pretty soon become a next hot high-tech Polish city! That is definitely as place to discover hidden gems.

Human potential

Rzeszow is vibrant academic centre - in 2012 city had the largest amount of students in EU per one resident (0.27). Rzeszow's University of Technology is the only learning centre in Poland which trains pilots for the civil aviation sector.

Did you know...

In 2004, Rzeszów hosted the Central European Olympiad in Informatics (CEOI). We think it's time to run again some great IT events in there!

Special Projects

We are open to any projects consistent with our mission to discover talents and help them to stand out. Whether it is for recruiting purposes, product building, generating new ideas or any other purpose we know how to craft coding & creative events talents will love.

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Extra services

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Event marketing and PR

Leverage our framework and experience to plan marketing for your hackfest. Spend Less Time Planning, More Time Doing!

Technical support

We can provide full technical support for your Hackathon event.

Strategy and communication

Let us help you to create strategy and communication plan for your codefest. Leverage our platform to deliver the best possible event experience.

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Onsite Hackathon

Free to host on our platform

Hackathon is competitive event where developers and people from related fields meet together and try to create something awesome within 24 or 48 hours.

  • Admin account to manage to challenge-related activities
  • Personalized landing site for the event
  • Sign-up functionality for participants
  • Ability to contact participants
  • Users can submit their entries
  • Managing & moderating submissions
  • Showcasing winners
  • Single mention about your event in group newsletter
  • Consultant support (1h)

Run your Onsite Hackathon

Online Hackathon

650 USD/mth

Works can be submitted online, typically during longer period of time.

  • Admin account to manage to challenge-related activities
  • Personalized landing site for the event
  • Preparing banner based on your key visual
  • Sign-up functionality for participants
  • Ability to contact participants
  • Users can submit their entries
  • Managing & moderating submissions
  • User votings on the platform
  • Showcasing winners
  • Basic promotional package
    -emailing relevant users about your event
    -additional single mention about your event in group newsletter
    -single mention about your event in our social channels (FB, Twitter)
  • Consultant support (3h)

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  • ChallengeRocket solutions helped us to increase engagement of our employees. Hackathon was a great way to get them on a high-energy creative environment!

    Agnieszka Wawrzecka-Jarnot Senior Product Manager SAP

  • ChallengeRocket managed crowdsourcing campaigns of our brand. They are ultimate professionals and also fun to work with!

    Martha Valaus New Business Manager D-Link

  • ChallengeRocket helped us to organize and promote company Hackathon. I was impressed with their knowledge of social media and content marketing. ChallengeRocket intuitive platform allowed us to monitor all challenge-related activities of participants.

    Małgorzata Ferenc Senior HR Manager SBS Technologies

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