Use cases of ChallengeRocket platform

Discover hidden talent and the ideas they can bring to your organization.

  • Create unique talent pipeline

    Tech challenges let you discover new programming talent. We help brands to save money by accelerating the hiring process, and we also connect them with over 500,000 software developers, engineers and data scientists thru our network and partner networks.

  • Get recruitment leads

    Boost your lead base with Creative Challenges and receive more registrations from the global developers community. They are eager for new challenges!

  • Build your brand awareness

    Launching a challenge will improve the general perception of your brand by associating it with innovation and the IT community. Boost your company image and build an entire ecosystem around your brand that could facilitate your future recruitment campaigns. Use the challenge to tell the story of your brand and show how cool it is to work in your engineering team.

  • Crowdsource innovative ideas

    During challenges the participants might be able to come up with something you haven’t thought of. They can use your product to enter new markets and, in addition, build the functional prototype that later could be implemented for further development.

  • Learn from your employees

    Once we know more about the needs of our developers, we are in a better position to address those needs. We know exactly what they want, therefore we have a clear understanding of what we can offer.

  • Develop your skills continuously

    In this dynamic era of ever-changing skills advancements in knowledge are the survival kit companies need. Continuous development and improvement of skills will strengthen the ability to adapt to ever-evolving circumstances.

  • Bring different ways of thinking to the table

    Online challenges are a brilliant tool to promote learning and break away from typical ways of thinking. They brings together a diverse group of who may not have a chance to interact regularly, even if they happen to work for the same organization.

  • Promote your tech

    Build a vibrant tech ecosystem around your brand with a challenge-centric approach. Let us promote your technology and API in front of an international IT crowd. We reach developers and teach them about your API. We leverage our network and invite IT talent to hackathons, meetups and workshops. Always making sure their participation is meaningful.

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