Hackathons 2018 - how to find one near me?


May 27, 2018

keyboard with coffee

We’re almost halfway through 2018 and the amount of hackathons and challenges we’ve seen so far is astounding. More importantly though, just as much, if not more of those events are yet to come.

How to find a hackathon?

You’re a busy programmer, walking around the town looking for posters to discover some upcoming events is too time-consuming, not to mention quite an archaic approach to the problem. So what exactly do you do? The answer is simple. You follow an online platform that is specialized in organizing hackathons and other similar challenges. Since this is the place where you will be registering for a hackathon anyway, you should save yourself some time and simply follow such platform maybe subscribe to their mailing list if regularly visiting a website in order to check for new events is not one of your favorite activities you can always subscribe to their mailing list to stay updated.

Now that you’re a part of a community of one such platform you can browse a list of events, pick one that suits your preferences and get ready to do everything you can in order to win it. But which event should you choose, exactly? “The one that’s the closest to where I live!” Well, maybe you should reconsider.

Why “hackathons near me” aren’t not your only option

Not long ago it was quite obvious that to attend hackathon you needed a physical location that one can easily commute to, after all, if you’re going to take part in one such event you will be faced with, usually, 48 hours of no sleeping. Adding long travel time to that is less than optimal, so to say. Once you were at the location you had to go through usual reception, maybe were in need to find teammates on site. That’s the true, original spirit of hackathons, but today an interesting alternative is available. All of the aspects of a hackathon are now optional thanks to online challenges. No longer do you have to spend hours on a train, drink liters of coffee not to fall asleep in front of a computer because there’s only 48 hours to complete the task, then go back to work the next day. Of course, there are programmer veterans who just can’t imagine not taking part in those events. Moreover, some types of competitions, simply said, work only in an onsite format. We at ChallengeRocket.com honestly can’t choose one or the other, we love creative competitions in all shapes and forms and encourage everyone to participate in both onsite and online ones! For the latter, see our deck on SlideShare and learn more about online hackathons:

What is an online programming challenge? A look at NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Challenge from CHALLENGEROCKET

Online hackathons have the benefit of comfort. As much as there is stress involved in working on a project, no matter if it’s for an online or an onsite challenge, an online event usually lasts anywhere from a week to months. This gives you the comfort of having much more time to develop far more sophisticated projects and solutions. That is not even the beginning of advantages. An online challenge should be open to participants from across the globe, with projects being submitted via the internet, which will give you much more freedom in selection of an upcoming event.

2018 hackathons are still for you to conquer

With how dependence on the internet of every field of our lives increases, it’s no surprise online programming events have become a part of this trend. It’s actually quite a natural progression considering how programming and internet are mutually dependant. This makes the “near me” aspect irrelevant in today’s reality. Every technology is moving forward, so do hackathons. You can easily participate in one from the comfort of your home office. If you are a programmer that’s looking for a chance to challenge your skills or win prizes, those events are exactly what you’ve been looking for. So don’t wait a minute longer, take a look at our list of upcoming events. We hope to see your submission soon!