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platform to:

  • Source, assess and recruit top hidden talents, faster.
  • Build stronger employer brand.
  • Increase engagement and cooperation among tech teams.

Improve the process of finding tech talents, recruiting them and then keeping them happy and engaged

  1. Find
  2. Attract
  3. Assess
  4. Recruit
  5. Continuous Learning
  6. Employee engagement

Source hidden talents

Master your employer brand to fuel talent acquisition

Use hackathons and challenges to reach talents not accessible through traditional sources. Accelerate your hiring.

  • The best talents are ambitious. Appeal to their competitive nature.
  • Ideal tool to nurture and engage passive candidates.
  • Generate enthusiasm for your brand & roles.

Automate tech assessment

Do it better and faster with our unique recruitment code challenges

Relying just on CV filtering, interviews and algorithm assignements is not effective. We use tasks that reflect on-the-job skills.

  • Save team time & reduce cost, minimize manual interviews.
  • Get detailed real-time reports. It's super easy!
  • Use methods that are truly predictive of future job performance.

Engage your existing IT team

Get them competitive with great challenges

When you have great developers, make sure they stay the best. Let them learn new skills, improve with coding challenges and compete among themselves or with others, outside of your company.

Get insight into readiness of your teams. You'll precisely know which ones are the most valuable. Our assessment tools will tell you who is best at what, and what are areas to be improved.

Media Highlights

  • ChallengeRocket makes the communication with developers easier. Thanks to them project developing is a challenge and fun at the same time.

  • This startup will completely change every job interview - both for brands and tech talents all over the world.

  • The innovative start-up from Wrocław has revolutionized online recruitment in the IT industry through online challenges and hackathons.

We have worked with

  • NVidia
  • Santander
  • ING
  • AccorHotels
  • Fortum

Find and hire
better talents, faster.

Identify top profiles while showcasing your employer brand.

See how ChallengeRocket can help you with your recruitment needs or innovation sourcing.

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