A little about me

I am Student, Programmer, Researcher, Algorithmist and Robotics Hobbist. I love AI and ML, I believe AI will make the life easier. I have been working on different AI projects from Drones for Crops Medication to Autonomous Car Projects. I believe that Making autonomous devices make things more precise. currently, I am working on Autonomous Microscopes and Microscopic Objects. AI and Robotics are my Major interests. Within AI Machine learning and Computer Vision are my two biggest interests.
**My Blog** https://isrugeek.wordpress.com/
**My Website** http://www.habeshageeks.com/


  • C++
  • Python
  • Machine Learning
  • OpenCV
  • Computer Vision
  • Algorithm
  • IOT
  • ROS


  • Algorithimist (21)
  • Computer Vision (2)
  • Embedded System (40)
  • Machine Learning (66)
  • Programmer (83)
  • Robotics (24)