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Are you developer, engineer, data scientist or tech geek? Join our community, compete and find new opportunities. We help tech talents to stand out.

  • Solve creative problems.
  • Take part in programming, engineering and data science competitions. Learn and have fun!
  • Take part in non-code challenges and creative hackathons!
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Discover, assess and retain top tech talents! Use our enterprise software for hiring developers and innovation crowdsourcing.

  • Boost employer brand to attract & hire top tech talents.
  • Grow your talent pool, reach passive candidates.
  • Automate candidate assessment, do it better and faster.
  • Get solutions by running creative challenges.
  • Don't rely on resumes and algorithm puzzles in your assessment. Test actual on-the-job skills.

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Participants say that...

  • Jan Neumann Product Developer

    Hackathons? I do it mainly for the thrill! Hackathons I attended were one of the most intense things I did in my life. It was bit like jumping out of a plane and trying to assemble a parachute on a way down. It's cool feeling. Try it at least once in your life!

  • Adela Gavrila Cloud Architect

    I love hackathons! It's mainly about the people for me. It's great way to meet and talk to like-minded pepople coming from so many backgrounds. Those events are literally packed with enthusiastic tech folks full of creative ideas. This is what makes it all worth it.

  • John Sauders Network Engineer

    Programming challenges helped me to identify my weak points and improve coding skills very quickly. It's fun especially when competing with friends. It's pretty addictive as well!

  • Sam Zada Developer

    Winning hackathon or online challenge is a greaet badge for CV. It helps a lot when applying for a job at companies like Google, NVIDIA or Tesla. I can't think of better way to stand out from the crowd #career #achievement #beataverage.

  • Andrew Lee Student

    I set ChallengeRocket platform to prepare for code interviews. It helped me to improve my speed, accuracy and analytical thinking.

  • Arun Narain Java Developer

    Getting job in IT space is not that hard if you know at something about coding. But if you want to work companies renowned for over-the-top perks, great workspaces, top salaries and the most fascinating projects, well that's a different story. It's much more demanding to get there. Applying with CV might not be the most effective way. I managed to get discovered during the challenge!

  • Grace Paterson App Developer

    Your coding battle hackathons are fun! I was dead-tired but happy!

  • Alex Cooper WEB DESIGNER

    Allright, that might not sound very good but I do it mainly for prize and fame! It's cool if you win because you can brag about it wherever you like, mention it on your business profile and CV. And if you don't happen to win... well, you're just going to spend a nice time, get some free pizza, talk to cool people and practise your code skills. Not bad at all!