About us

ChallengeRocket is platform for Hackathons and creative programming challenges. It is a place where open brands can use so called "wisdom of the crowd", engage IT community and invite talents from all around the World to work on their projects.

Our mission is to help all makers to stand out and be great! We know who to make Crowdsourcing work effectively for organizations in different sectors. We are community of creatives, designers, developers and tech lovers. We believe those are kind of people who decide today how the World of tomorrow will look like.

Get involved in our community, show us your talents and have fun! Are you a brand? If you're on a lookout for new ideas and wish to get thousand of developers and creative talents to work within your ecosystem let's get in touch!


  • Izabela Błażowska

    Krakow Economic University and Cambridge University graduate. Extensive project management experience (Siemens, Shell, Mars, Thompson Reuters). Member of McKinsey club. Recipient of multiple awards & honors.

  • Tomasz Florczak

    Recipient of multiple brand awards including Coca-Cola, Al Jazeera, Samsung and Qualcomm. Abilities to work with distributed cross-disciplinary teams in projects at the intersection of IT, media and other creative fields.

  • Paweł Kwiatkowski

    Graduate of Krakow University of Technology. Business development experience and product-design know-how. Co-founder of Intelimind award-winning interactive agency. Small aircraft pilot.


There are multiple prospects for growth with ChallengeRocket !

We offer diverse career opportunities in an international environment for students, graduates and professionals. Tell us what's t your super power and join motivated team with a powerful mission.


Contact for media: office@challengerocket.com

+48 (22) 21 39 057

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