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SkillChallenge is an interactive pre-assessment tool linked to your job offer

SkillChallenge grants you the power to:

  1. Source more precisely-matched candidates

    Link to a SkillChallenge that offers you the choice of many more applicants. Reach people who may often avoid responding to typical job offers. Engage those who are unresponsive even via direct outreach on LinkedIn.

    SkillChallenge gives you:
    • Sourcing cost reduction - 61%
    • Job offers effectiveness - 85%
    • Positive candidate experience - 82%
    Plus the benefits of ChallengeRocket research findings
  2. Save time by only interacting with pre-assessed candidates

    Using SkillChallenge means less sorting through CVs and time-consuming screening calls. Exclusive contact with only those who meet your criteria and perform well. All of the applicants receive 100% automated feedback.

    No more:
    • hours spent scanning dozens of applicant CVs
    • days wasted on the phone with candidates to verify the details in their CVs
    • weeks working on direct searches and building up a talent pool
  3. Stand out from the rest so you can engage candidates for current as well as future hires

    SkillChallenges enable you to source candidates for ongoing recruitment processes. Gather your talent pool into a Candidate Hub, and vastly augment your brand awareness.

    • 82% of candidates taking part in SkillChallenges report having a positive candidate experience
    • Establish a tailored talent pool who are engaged for the long-term and tap into this talent pool whenever recruitment needs come up
    • Distinguish yourself from the pack with an interactive educational company page - your Candidate Hub

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% of candidates
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% of candidates
report a positive
recruitment experience
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