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  • Code challenges that you just need to know about

    coding on laptop

    You’re a newcomer to the field of programming, there’s not much you know but you feel that world is there for you to conquer. You’ve got the right mindset, but experience is yet to be gained. Worry not, everybody needs to start somewhere . Why not try some code challenges to kickstart your learning experience?

  • Coding challenges - skip sleeping this weekend

    Laptop on the bed

    Programmers, tech enthusiasts, say goodbye to your bed! Coding challenges will keep you up like nothing else. Find out why it’s all worth the effort!

  • Programming challenges to boost your coding game!

    Man coding at a laptop

    Software development is a hot field to be employed in right now, if you can code you shouldn’t have problems finding a job. It’s all nice and dandy until you realize the speed at which this sector is evolving. Programming challenges are the answer.

  • Hackathon 2018 – the best marathons worth taking part in

    coding on laptop

    This year promises to be unique in terms of creativity. Here are the most interesting hackathons in 2018 that avid lovers of technology and creators of innovations can’t miss! In order to take part in one of these design marathons it is enough to have passion, willingness to take the challenge and… a brilliant idea, which will change everything.

  • NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Challenge has come to an end. Where can AI take us?

    nvidia hacathon panther

    NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Challenge has come to an end and we couldn’t be happier. Months of planning, over 2000 (yes, over two thousand) participants from 79 countries and it’s all over now, submissions are closed. Now it’s time for the public voting, so go vote for your favorite project(s). Here’s a recap of the Challenge and next steps. so why don’t we take a nice stroll along the road that led up to this point so we can refresh your memory a bit. Sounds good? Then let’s go!

  • How you can gain from online challenges?

    man working on laptop in the bar

    Do you ever wonder how you could do something more, but don’t necessarily want to move from the comfortable 4 walls of your office? Look no further, because the solution is already here. Enter online coding challenges.

  • What about programmers' jobs when AI takes it all in 2018?

    working programmer

    We’ve seen a rapidly growing trend of implementing artificial intelligence in every imaginable area of life this year. Smartphones are the most obvious example simply due to their undeniable integration into our everyday routines. Complex algorithms deciding on best camera settings, notifications with reminders even when you didn’t set one up, controlling AC in your house depending on weather conditions, we have seen all of that, but there is always room for improvement. How much improvement, however, is too much exactly?

  • Think different, stay equal - 10 fascinating facts about women in tech industry

    woman working on the computer

    What is your first assumption when you hear about employees of tech industry? Most likely the answer is something along the lines of a male-dominated sector, but the truth might be surprising. Here are 10 things you might have not heard about, but definitely should!

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