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  • Daily coding challenges - morning yoga for your mind

    morning in office

    My mom used to make me exercise for 15 minutes every morning when I was a child, she said that my body will be more awake and starting my day will be easier. As you can probably imagine I hated this routine with passion, because push-ups were the last thing I wanted to do having just woken up. Despite that, she was right and I only came to appreciate her efforts 15 years later. I’m not about to suggest you organize morning sessions of yoga in your company, but keep reading and see what daily coding challenges can do for you and your team!

  • MamStartup - How to prepare for a hackathon

    Unless you stumbled upon this piece by accident you probably know quite a lot about hackathons , but knowledge has this amazing quality that it never hurts to have more of it. This is why we invite you to sit back and discover a few pieces of advice on getting ready for that unique kind of marathon. The stakes are high - we’re here to play as well as to change the world for the better!

  • in 2017 - we want to brag!

    Hi, my name is Iza. I’m the co-founder of - platform enabling companies to access innovative solutions and sourcing of tech talents through groundbreaking formula of high-profile tech challenges and hackathons. It’s Wednesday morning, some of us are still resting after New Year’s Eve celebrations, and I was kindly asked to write a lovely summary of the year 2017 - the deadline being today :) Facing challenges is my second nature so I took up the gauntlet! Armed with inspiration and a hot cup of tea I’m going back in time to tell you a story, our story. It’s only 16 months of events so don’t worry, it’s not that long.

  • Get scared or get excited with these AI projects!

    Hi Rocket Talents! Here's something that will either get you excited for the future or scare the hell out of you. Ready to unleash your ingenuity?

  • Girls rule! Feel the girl power in hackathons

    Until recently programming and the IT industry were associated with nerd guys in bizarre clothes, most likely sitting with computers in the cellar, and the view of the girl at the tech university surprised everyone so much that it was thought that perhaps she is lost. Today, thanks to valuable campaigns (such as: Girls at Universitites of Technology) the number of women in science is growing year by year - girls come out of the shadows and among boys face challenges during hackathons.

  • 6 Easy Ways to become a developer which is better and more impressive!

    men working with laptop

    Apply those and become a better version of yourself!

  • Top 10 of Programming Languages With The Highest Salaries In 2017

    Which programming language will be the most popular in 2017? What skills will prove to be the highest paying? What competences will be sought-after by companies and institutions among candidates for jobs in the IT sector? Here we have top 10 programming langauges for you to check out!

  • Top tips to land top tech jobs in 2017

    Over two thirds of of IT directors claim their organizations don't have sufficient in-house tech skills. The skills gap in the industry is ongoing concern and in result developers are in high demand. This trend is likely to continue and even grow for the foreseeable future. Here are few pointers how to drive your candidacy up a notch and increase chances of securing yourself a desirable spot.

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