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Join CASE Challenge, develop a breakthrough in the assessment of credibility tools and technologies and submit your project between January 2 and April 14, 2019!

The problem

Every day we decide how much information around us is trustworthy, honest and reliable and how much we can believe in people's words and actions. Usually, we decide about that based on intuition and the previous experience.


This is why CASE (IARPA's Credibility Assessment Standardized Evaluation) Challenge is looking for new ways to measure the performance of credibility assessment techniques and technologies. 

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Take part in CASE Challenge, show your project and win cash prizes worth $125,000! You'll find more prizes on the event webpage. All submissions will be rewarded in May 2019 and selected finalists will have their prizes in July, 2019.

  1. 1st Place $40,000

    Cash prize

  2. 2nd Place $25,000

    Cash prize

  3. 3rd Place $10,000

    Cash prize


Check out the schedule of this CASE challenge, register and win prizes worth $125,000!

CASE Challenge

Dec 3, 2018
Pre-registration begins
Jan 2, 2019
Challenges launches, Stage 1 begins
Apr 14, 2019
Submission deadline
May, 2019
Stage 1 winners announced
July, 2019
Stage 2 challenge workshop, winners announced

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