Delen Hack Days




Thanks to all Participants!

About Delen Hack Days 2019

Solve real challenges in the private banking industry with modern tech solutions!


Knowledge sharing is key in an ever-changing world. We want to see what we can learn from you, and vice versa!

#WhoTheHack are we looking for?

All students and young professionals are welcome! Web developers, creatives, VR & game designers and developers, UI & UX designers - basically anyone who can bring value to the team!

#WhatTheHack is a hackathon?

The word 'hackathon' is a portmanteau of the words 'hack' and 'marathon', where 'hack' is used in the sense of exploratory programming. The goal of a hackathon is to create usable software or hardware with the intention of creating a functioning product by the end of the coding event.

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  1. Most Votes - Public Favourite

    All-in fun experience

  2. Best User Experience

    All-in fun experience

  3. Most Business Oriented

    All-in fun experience

How to submit to Delen Hack Days?

  1. Assemble your team or apply solo to the Delen Hack Days 2019! Register to the challenge before Jan 15, 2019!
  2. Get selected and solve real challenges during the hackathon in Antwerp, Belgium on February 14.
  3. Win amazing prizes and enrich your experience!

Reasons to participate

  • 01 Reason

    Make incredible connections!

  • 02 Reason

    Enrich your CV with this outstanding experience!

  • 03 Reason

    Have a chance to be noticed!

  • 04 Reason

    Meet inspiring people!

Where and when

BP Building Antwerp,
Feb 14-15, 2019