Hackathon VR_Codzienność (Daily Life)

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  • Location Katowice, Poland
  • Duration 17.03.18
  • Prize pool OTHER

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Challenge outline


Are you passionate about new technologies? Are you interested in virtual reality? Want to try your hand at this topic, or maybe you are currently working on a VR project? If your answer is "yes" to at least one of above questions - this event is just for you!

Whether you are a coder, designer, video or audio engineer join us and let's all have a good time now that virtual reality is finally taking off!

How it works?

The subject of the event is Codzienność - Daily Life. Have you ever wondered how VR technology will affect our daily lives? How will everyday life look like? Will it change our life by 360 ​​°?

We invite all interested in the subject of virtual reality on 3rd February to Katowice to find answers to the questions that we are having. You can work on project alone or in a team of up to 5 people.

Your task is to create an application, simulation or VR tool that will improve the daily functioning of each of us. Surely not once it happened to you to be required to be in several places at once. Maybe thanks to VR technology we will finally get this opportunity? It's just a suggestion that can inspire you to keep working :-) Each participant will be able to test their solution on a variety of VR devices.

Use this day on prototyping previously created ideas, developing existing projects, or working on something completely new! For the authors of the most interesting projects we have prepared valuable prizes!

Reasons to compete

  • it's opportunity to check your skills and show us your talent,
  • you may win valuable prizes,
  • it's a chance meet interesting people,
  • winning award is super valuable badge on your CV!

Judging criteria

  • creativity, originality, and “wow” factor of the idea,
  • design aesthetics and usability,
  • adherence to contest topic (does your solution address a problem),
  • market readiness level (is it free of obvious bugs),
  • business potential.

Organizational details

This event is free to attend. This is invitation-only event with limited number of seats. Why free? Where is the catch? There is no catch. This particular event cost nothing to attend. Just bring in positive attitude! You are also fully entitled to all source code you write during the hackathon, we do not claim any right to it.

Number of seats is limited so please apply as soon as you can.

Find out more about hackathons in our hackathon section.

Where and when?

Check out the event's date and venue

  • Where Katowice
  • When Saturday, March 17
  • Duration 10:00-14:00


Check details and do everything on time!

Take part in the competition, create an unique project and win valuable prizes!

  1. 10:00

    Doors Open, Registration begins

    Participants check-in and network. Snacks are served!

  2. 10:15

    Event kick-off


  3. 10:40

    Hacking session

    Work on projects, models and IT ideas.

  4. 13:00

    Project presentation

  5. 13:45

    And the winner is... !

  6. 14:00

    Closing ceremony, Networking

Please be advised this schedule may be subject to change.


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