About Hackference

At Hackference we are aiming to provide a hacking and networking platform by bringing people from a multitude of organisations, educational backgrounds, belonging to different stratas of society for a whole new arena of excitement, coding and sheer brilliance. And at what cost, Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing!

Its a deliquescent combination of Hackathon, DevRelCon and Hiring Fair, that serves to every kind of aspirations. Admission to Hackference is completely free, thanks to our sponsors! We'll provide you with a weekend's worth of schwag, meals, drinks, snacks and a place to crash when you need a break from coding.

Hackference has a total of nine tracks namely:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Internet of Things
  • Fintech
  • Future Mobility
  • Healthtech
  • Machine Learning
  • AR/VR
  • Edutech

So the event packs all the juice for all enthusiasts and whatever be your interest we have something on our tracks to keep you engaged. At the same time ensuring unbiased representation of all technological avenues.

Talking about Blockchain one of our premier tracks, Blockchain can be described append-only transaction ledger.

It basically means that the ledger can be written onto with new information, but the previous information, stored in blocks cannot be edited, adjusted or changed. This whole task is achieved using cryptography that links the content of the newly added blocks to the content of all the previous blocks.

The goal of the weekend is to bring together community leaders, designers, developers, and other concerned citizens to create solutions that will help make a lasting social impact. So come to be a part of the revolution that we call HACKFERENCE.


  1. 1st place Incubation support

  2. 2nd place

  3. 3rd place


Take part in the Hackference!

December 15th

9:00 AM
Door Open

9:15 AM
Hi Tea
10:00 AM
Keynote [The Power of Developer Community]
10:15-10:35 AM
Talk 1 - Why a brand needs a Developer Advocate
10:40-11:00 AM
Talk 2 - Building strategy around Developer Communities
11:05-11:55 AM
State of Developer Ecosystem in India - [Panel of 4]
12:00-12:45 PM
12:50-01:10 PM
Talk 3 - Blockchain Ecosystem in India
01:15-01:40 PM
Successful Open Source Community Stories [2]
02:00-02:45 PM
Intro to the Hackathon & Hiring Fair
03:00 PM
Hackathon Begins
03:00-11:55 PM
Hiring Fair by multiple startups/ brands
05:00 PM
08:00-08:50 PM
10:00-10:15 PM
A Stand-up Performance

December 16th

12:01-01:00 AM
Midnight Project/Prototype Submission [Phase 1 - Submission]

08:00-09:00 AM
09:00-11:00 AM
Mentor’s Check on the Projects Team-wise [Phase 2- Evaluation]
03:00 PM
Hackathon Ends [All code+prototype description should be uploaded by this time]
03:00-04:30 PM
Jury Evaluation
04:30-04:50 PM
05:00 PM
Results Announcement + Prize Distribution

How to participate?

  1. Register and fill basic details from Oct 26 - Nov 20.
  2. Create a team Nov 21 - Nov 25.
  3. Submit an abstract to the problem statement Nov 21 - Nov 25.
  4. Get shortlisted.
  5. Get an invitation to attend hackathon!

Reasons to participate

  • 01 Reason

    You will meet great people and make valuable connections!

  • 02 Reason

    You will enrich your CV with this outstanding experience!

  • 03 Reason

    You can win amazing prizes!

  • 04 Reason

    You will broaden your knowledge and improve your skills!

Where and when

Kstart Capital
Whitefield Bengaluru,
December 15-16