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  • Location Cracow, Poland
  • Duration 10.03.18-11.03.18
  • Prize pool SOON

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Challenge outline

Ragnarök, the mighty and dreadful battle of gods, has now reemerged as Hacknarök. Once again, for the second time in history, young Vikings will stand in the fight during 24 hour hackathon inspired by norse mythology, organised by EESTEC AGH Cracow students association.

Event description

Participants of the event will form teams of up to 4 people. Supported by mentors they will create an original, inspiring solution to one of the three main categories - Health, Education and Entertainment, showing their programming skills, technology knowledge, presentation skills and familiarity with current trends in an IT industry.

Hackathon categories

Each category has its own patron - one of the norse gods. Thor, Odin and Bragi need your help!

Fatigue, physical injuries or overall health problems - it’s impossible to avoid them during the battle. Do you know how to prevent injuries? Are you aware of the limits of the human body? Or do you believe limits exist only in the mind? Have you found an easy way to live a healthy lifestyle? Are you capable of improving the patient registration system so that long-lasting queues to the doctor will disappear once and for all? If you think that your idea will change public healthcare for better or give us more energy and longevity - join the ranks of Thor - the god of strength and vital forces!

The battle is won not only by the strength of ones muscles, but also by the power of the mind. Do you know how to share knowledge with young generations in an attractive way? Have you mastered time organisation to perfection? Do you know how to avoid losing motivation? Have you discovered how to improve the work of researchers and scientists? Or maybe you have found a way to limit the energy drinks consumption among students, especially during the exam period? If you feel that your idea is going to revolutionize the education world, stand beside Odin - the god of knowledge and wisdom!

Once the battle is won, it is time to celebrate the victory. Do you have an idea how to entertain the vikings? Are you a master of Virtual or Augmented Reality? Is GameDev your
middle name? Do you know how to have fun and enjoy life? Have you found a way to make everyone burst into laughter? Or maybe you are planning to give social networks a new direction? If you feel that you idea will show us a new dimension of entertainment or begin a new era in the world of social media, give support to Bragi - the god of poetry and eloquence!

Organizational details

This event is free to attend. It is aimed for students of many Cracow Universities. The online application process starts on the 1st of February. The number of seats is limited so do not hesitate to apply, you may be the chosen one!

Additional information

For more details click the button 'I want to participate', then 'Show details'. Find out more about hackathons in our hackathon section.

Where and when?

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  • Where Krakowski Park Technologiczny Podoble 60 Cracow
  • When 10-11.03.2018

+48 (22) 21 39 057

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