Warsaw Big Data Hackathon

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  • Location Warsaw, Poland
  • Duration 12.11.16
  • Prize pool OTHER

Challenge outline

Your challenge is to create an app, platform, and/or technology that can tie into one of the three themes above using datasets provided. Within each theme you may take part in Data Science or Data Visualization competition tracks. Build something great and do not forget join talks on Big Data and Data Science!

WHERE: Google Campus Warsaw, Ząbkowska 27/3, Warsaw
WHEN: Saturday, 12th November, we start at 10am and finish at 3pm

We gladly welcome:

  • software developer and data scientists who love to crunch data!
  • designers interested in data visualizations,
  • journalists interested in Open Data topics.

Don't forget to tell us what role you'd like can play for the hackathon when you register!


10:00 Doors Open. Registration & Networking
10:30 Event kick-off, Opening Presentations
11:00 Data Hacking and Data Visualization Challenge Session 1
12:30 Afternoon talks & presentation sessions
13:00 Data Hacking and Data Visualization Challenge Session 2
14:45 And the winner is....! Jury is announcing the winner
15:00 Closing ceremony, Networking   

Before the event we're releasing more information about data sets we will be hacking. Stay tuned! This Hackathon is FREE to attend! As always bring your ingenuity, creativity, positive  attitude and a laptop and a charger!

Come to the event and take a closer look at data that touches our daily lives. Join other software developers, designers, and data enthusiasts of all kinds in collaborative effort. Build exciting projects with them and learn more about Big Data!


This event is free to attend. This is invitation-only event with limited number of seats. Why free? Where is the catch? There is no catch. This particular event cost nothing to attend. Just bring in positive attitude! You are also fully entitled to all source code you write during the hackathon, we do not claim any right to it. We are trying to attract sponsors for the events that are willing to promote their tech and reach out to talented developers. But no worries, noone is going to approach you during the event with aggressive recruitment.


1. Register your account at ChallengeRocket.com and create full profile.
2. Specifically within your profile describe any skills/experience with Big Data. University projects are warmly welcomed!
3. Just click "I want to participate" button.


Number of seats is limited so please apply as soon as you can. Free wifi will be available for all participants.

Come one, come all! It will be a great fun:-) If you have any questions reach us at office@challengerocket.com. Write "EMEA Coders League - Warsaw" in the topic.

Find out more about hackathons in our hackathon section.


Check details and do everything on time!

  1. Registration

    How to apply? Nothing could be easier! Just tap "I want to participate" button.

  1. Hackathon begins

    We see you in Warsaw on November 12th. Remember to bring your laptop.

  2. Winners announcement

    We code & play mainly for fun and training but still winners are going to receive small gifts!



+48 (22) 21 39 057

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