Wroclaw Artificial Intelligence Hackathon

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  • Location Wroclaw, Poland
  • Duration 22.10.16
  • Prize pool OTHER

Challenge outline

Are you software developer passionate about Artificial Intelligence? Maybe you're just beginning your coding adventure and would like to learn more about AI and meet likeminded individuals?

Go to the first Polish Artificial Intelligence Hackathon taking place in Wroclaw on 22nd Oct. The event is part of ChallengeRocket EMEA Coders League series.

Come one, come all! It will be a great fun:-) If you have any questions reach us at office@challengerocket.com. Write "EMEA Coders League - Wroclaw" in the topic.

How it works?

1. Mini-competition:

For 2 hours we're going to create basic AI bots playing simple Prisoner's dilemma game. Than we're going to let all bots to compete and see which one is the best! We code  & play mainly for fun and training but still winners are going to receive small gifts!

Read more about Prisoner Dilemma here.

It does not matter what programming language you code and what's your experience with AI so far. As long as you think you have a smart idea for the optimal game strategy, come and see how you stand against others!

2. Oxford Debate:

The motion is: "AI could spell the end of the human race". Those are famous words of Stephen Hawking. This famous physicict os of the many many people claiming that once humans develop artificial intelligence it would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate creating serious threat to human beings.

Do you think that machine intelligence will eventually surpass biological intelligence and do you believe in significant existential risk asosciated with that transition? Is psychotic HAL 9000 in "2001: A Space Odyssey," just scie-fi story or is it realistic scenario worth considering for future generations? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Take part in our debate on Sat 15th and let us know what you think!

What is Oxford Debate? Learn more here.

Reasons to compete

  • it's opportunity to check your skills and show us your talent,
  • you may win valuable prizes,
  • it's a chance meet interesting people,
  • winning award is super valuable badge on your CV!

Judging criteria

  • creativity, originality, and “wow” factor of the idea,
  • design aesthetics and usability,
  • adherence to contest topic (does your solution address a problem),
  • market readiness level (is it free of obvious bugs),
  • business potential.

Organizational details

This event is free to attend. This is invitation-only event with limited number of seats. Why free? Where is the catch? There is no catch. This particular event cost nothing to attend. Just bring in positive attitude! You are also fully entitled to all source code you write during the hackathon, we do not claim any right to it. We are  trying to attract sponsors for the events that are willing to promote their tech and reach out to talented developers. But no worries, noone is going to approach you during the event with aggressive recruitment.

Number of seats is limited so please apply as soon as you can. Free wifi will be available for all participants.

Find out more about hackathons in our hackathon section.

Where and when?

Check out the event's date and venue

  • Where Klub Proza, Przejście Garncarskie 2, Wroclaw
  • When Saturday, 22nd Oct
  • Duration 16:00-20:00


Check details and do everything on time!

Listen to the experts' speeches, take part in the debate, create an unique project and win valuable prizes!

  1. 16:00

    Registration begins

  2. 16:15

    Event kick-off

    Opening presentation

  3. 16:25

    Hacking Session

    Bots creating. Now it’s time for you to decide if you want to create a bot on your own or join an existing team.

  4. 17:40

    Presentation and Q&A sessions

  5. 18:00

    Oxford debate

  6. 18:20

    We continue creating bots.

  7. 19:15

    Bots competition

  8. 20:00

    Winners announcement

    Closing ceremony and Networking.

Please be advised this schedule may be subject to change.

Reasons to participate

These are just some of hackathon’s benefits

  • Event full of hacking and brainstorming
  • Inspiring presentations
  • Awards for the winners
  • Tasty snacks and good coffee!
  • Fun and collaborative environment


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