Animal-AI Olympics




Thanks to all Participants!

  • PRIZE POOL $32,000
  • DATE Jul 08 - Nov 01, 2019 23:59 BST

Animal-AI Olympics

About the challenge

Animal and AI lovers - we have a challenge for you! The Animal-AI Olympics is an AI competition with tests inspired by animal cognition. If you're creative and have some great ideas to share, don't waste time! Register until November 1st, 2019 and get a chance to win prizes with a total pool of $32,000!

The participants will be provided with a well-defined arena and a list of cognitive abilities that will be tested for in that arena. The same agent with the same inputs and actions will be used in all tests. The goal is to retrieve the same food items by interacting with previously seen objects such as ramps to climb, boxes to push, and areas that must be avoided. You have to consider: food, animal preferences, obstancles, avoidance, spatial reasoning, generalization, internal models, object permanence, causal reasoning. Sounds like a fun challenge? 

For further information visit the Animal-AI Olympics official website. 

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