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BeaconValley Conference & Hackathon

Challenge outline

BeaconValley started as a project to beaconize’s hometown Krakow, Poland and to turn it into a smart city. To make the idea happen, last June we hosted a hackathon that turned out be a huge success - 100 attendees and 21 companies showed up. Together, they developed 16 apps, ready to be immediately implemented.

In the next edition we wanted to go bigger. Four times bigger, in fact. BeaconValley Global Hackathon kicked off on November 21st in Krakow, New York, London, and Guadalajara—at the same time! For 24 hours, developers, powered by beacons, Marty McHack’s motivation tips, mentors’ knowledge, and productivity boosters were working on solutions to four challenges: culture, health, commerce, and transportation. In total, 250 hackers in 39 teams participated in the BeaconValley Global Hackathon, and they developed 32 ready-to-use apps.

#ExtraOrdinary Edition

The main challenge for hackers is to create apps empowered by Bluetooth Low Energy in one of 3 streams - MOVE, LOCATE, & FREESTYLE.

During the 24-hour adventure,they will have a chance to listen to the greatest beacon experts, explore the most #ExtraOrdinary IoT technology in our Beacon Showroom, and play with cool gadgets such as Oculus Rift & Leapmotion in our chillout room.

After BeaconValley went global, holding the hackathon in just one location wouldn't be fun enough. That’s why we decided to live stream our conference & 24-hour coding contest to all beacon lovers all over the world. If you're one of them, you can’t miss that. Join us!

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Where and when

Krakowski Park Technologiczny
Podole 60 Kraków,

Beacon Valley Hackathon Recap