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  • Finding a lucrative career in the world of Big Data and risk modeling

    People in world of Big Data and Risk Modeling

    According to a Business Insider report, data scientists are the most sought-after tech professionals in the US with a median salary of $110,000. Besides the high earning potential, data scientists also have one of the highest career satisfaction rate and they can work in any industry. From finance to entertainment to retail, data scientists are helping organizations with data analysis and risk analysis projects. Governments and businesses depend on this information to make critical decisions that shape the future of society. So data professionals will continue to a play vital role in the coming years.

  • Why hackathon? Is it worth to attend programming marathon?

    Girls who code

    “Hackathon” still sounds unfamiliar to you? It fascinates you a bit, but you are equally afraid of coming to one? One may say that hackathons can be compared to a coloring competition between adults to see who comes out with the most creative sustainable solution to the posed problem. So don’t be shy! Use your ideas and crayons! Usually there is no problem with assembling teams at the beginning of a hackathon, but bringing friends with you will certainly help to control fear and just derive joy from event! Attending one such event will prove extremely beneficial and leave you with a feeling of fulfillment, and we’ll go over that later in this piece.

  • Hackathon project ideas for an AI-focused challenge

    winners of nvidia jetson challenge

    Having a groundbreaking hackathon project idea is probably the most important aspect of your efforts to win a programming challenge. What you come up with will ultimately depend on the theme of the hackathon, naturally, but either way, we want to inspire you hoping that this piece comes in handy one day!

  • Code challenges that you just need to know about

    coding on laptop

    You’re a newcomer to the field of programming, there’s not much you know but you feel that world is there for you to conquer. You’ve got the right mindset, but experience is yet to be gained. Worry not, everybody needs to start somewhere . Why not try some code challenges to kickstart your learning experience?

  • Coding challenges - skip sleeping this weekend

    Laptop on the bed

    Programmers, tech enthusiasts, say goodbye to your bed! Coding challenges will keep you up like nothing else. Find out why it’s all worth the effort!

  • Programming challenges to boost your coding game!

    Man coding at a laptop

    Software development is a hot field to be employed in right now, if you can code you shouldn’t have problems finding a job. It’s all nice and dandy until you realize the speed at which this sector is evolving. Programming challenges are the answer.

  • What about programmers' jobs when AI takes it all in 2018?

    working programmer

    We’ve seen a rapidly growing trend of implementing artificial intelligence in every imaginable area of life this year. Smartphones are the most obvious example simply due to their undeniable integration into our everyday routines. Complex algorithms deciding on best camera settings, notifications with reminders even when you didn’t set one up, controlling AC in your house depending on weather conditions, we have seen all of that, but there is always room for improvement. How much improvement, however, is too much exactly?

  • 6 Easy Ways to become a developer which is better and more impressive!

    men working with laptop

    Apply those and become a better version of yourself!

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