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Cal VRathon

Challenge outline


Cal VRathon is a Coding and Graphic Design Competition that aims to bring together the brightest minds from Berkeley, Stanford and many other bay area schools. With a goal to create more new ideas and at the same time give students immersive experience and education about Virtual Reality, we plan to organize speaker event and virtual reality hackathon in this one day event. This is a wonderful opportunity for attendees to meet with other VR engineers, companies, and learn about front-end VR software and hardware technology by interacting with leaders in the industry.

Our mission is to give participants an immersive experience with virtual reality and at the same time help shape the future of virtual reality by providing the stage for talented student developers to create and innovate.

Judging criteria

  • Complexity -  how complex is your application? If you wrote code and have a working VR app, you will likely score full points for this section. Judges will also account for how thorough and detailed graphic designs appear,
  • Creativity -  applications that showcase virtual reality in a unique an interesting way will be rewarded with more points,
  • Relevance of education - the theme of this hackathon is education so make sure your application is at least somewhat related,
  • Market feasibility -  how good of an idea is the application. If judges can see many people using this application, more points will be rewarded.


  • 1st place -  $500 + $800 worth of HTC VR Headset
  • 2nd place -  $300
  • 3rd place -  $100

Additional information

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Where and when

Berkeley USA
29 April, 2017