The Deloitte Garage Online Challenges




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The Deloitte Garage Online Challenges

About the challenge

Join The Deloitte Garage Online Challenges between December 10, 2018 and February 16, 2019. Challenge yourself and improve the Energy and Mobility industries and the services offered to their end-customers.


Deloitte is going to open its Garage doors in April 2019 (Citroën garage, near Olympic Stadium, Amsterdam). The Garage will be space for co-creating new businesses for Deloitte clients. In this place will be brought fresh business ideas. Together with Deloitte clients. At the workshop. 

The Deloitte programming contest invites data scientists, designers, tech talents, start-ups, marketing gurus to take part in 2 months online competition. If you are interested in, register for the hackathon here!

Watch what's made the Deloitte Garage unique!


Take part in The Deloitte Garage Online Challenges, show your talent and win cash prizes (total €7,500 per challenge)!

  1. 1st Place €4,000

    Cash prize

  2. 2nd Place €2,000

    Cash prize

  3. 3rd Place €1,000

    Cash prize

  4. Voucher x5 €100



  • Future of mobility

    • How you can do, if Metropolitan Region Amsterdam (MRA) expects to increase by 2 million people and more than 200,000 houses in the next 30 years?
  • Future of energy

    • How might you create a quick, comprehensive overview of the special (and optimal) renewable energy options to power a specific household?

Reasons to participate in The Deloitte Garage Online Challenges

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    Introduce your excellent project!

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    Have a chance to test your skills!

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    Challenge yourself!

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    Get discovered by Deloitte company!

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    Enrich your resume!