#eehack2019 - Energy Efficiency Hack




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#eehack2019 - Energy Efficiency Hack

About #eehack2019

Ideate new energy resolution output! Create solutions to propel the Energiewende (energy transformation) and challenge climate change!

Become a part of humanity's most exciting challenge. Build a sustainable energy future during 24 hours hackathon which takes place in Berlin, Germany to combat climate change. More than 150 professionalists from different areas (like engineers, programmers, designers, psychologists, sociologists and entrepreneurs) will gather in Berlin on April 8 to crack 4 of the most important and ambitious energy efficiency challenges.

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You also can face 4 ravishing energy efficiency challenges with more than 220 students, startups and partners!

1) The Energy Efficient Supermarket of Tomorrow | (Danfoss)

2) Energy Efficient E-Mobility | (ENGIE)

3) Which Thing Creates Energy Efficiency in Buildings? (GETEC)

4) Energy Efficiency as a Service (MVV Enamic)


Each challenge comes with a special prize and great follow-up opportunities to further develop your ideas with the challenge partners. Organizer put more cool stuff into the winner's box: non-cash prizes worth 2,500€ (powered by Deneff).

  1. Cool stuff (>EUR 2,500)

    Non-cash prize

  2. Pitch & tech gifts

    Non-cash prize

  3. Trip to Cologne

    Non-cash prize

  4. Pitch & smart home tech

    Non-cash prize

  5. Pitch & ice hockey game

    Non-cash prize

Challenges of #eehack2019

Do you have the answer? Check out the challenges and formulate your solutions.

  • Energy Efficient E-Mobility

    • E-Mobility is a worldwide mega trend. Electric Vehicles (EVs) keep inner-city areas free from emissions and air pollution. They are regarded as clean, innovative and attractive - even “hip” by their drivers. However, EVs consume electrical power and are not generally energy efficient. EVs shift the generation of their electrical power demand mainly to conventional power plants. Further, they will cause serious local electrical grid problems, and the battery production demands lots of rare geological resources. What contributions can EV drivers make today and in future to increase energy efficiency besides changing their driving behaviours? What new solution offers do they need?
  • Energy and Efficiency as a Service

    • Energy efficiency is not the core business for industrial, medium-sized enterprises. When dealing with it, support of energy efficiency experts (e.g. MVV) is needed. Today, already an onsite visit for first analyses is necessary, which is time-consuming and ties up resources. Additionally, in order to use tax reductions, it is required to show energy efficiency potentials, but not to implement them. How can MVV identify energy efficiency actions in an easy and digital way? How can they trigger and accompany the implementation with their own solutions?
  • The Energy Efficient Supermarket of Tomorrow

    • Energy is a big cost burden for supermarkets today due to conventional technologies still in use. The refrigeration system is only utilized 30% over the year and excess heat is released to the ambient. At the same time, there is a shift in consumer behavior asking for responsible supermarkets delivering fresh and green products and good shopping experience Can you design the intelligent energy efficient supermarket of tomorrow that goes hand in hand with consumer needs?
  • Which Thing Creates Energy Efficiency in Buildings?

    • In times of even stronger interaction between man and machine, digital processes are an important necessity for the real estate industry. We need a process model that combines all stakeholders (tenants, service providers, property owners) as well as their technical installations (Hard & Software) in order to achieve a win-win situation. Which thing makes interacting possible, efficient and simple? No App!

Reasons to participate

  • 01 Reason

    Have an awesome chance to meet specialists from different industries!

  • 02 Reason

    Complete one more project!

  • 03 Reason

    Increase your self-confidence!

  • 04 Reason

    Help the world to fight with climate change!

  • 05 Reason

    Show your potential!

Where and When?

Am Krögel 2 Berlin,
April 7-8, 2019