Food Waste Hackathon

Starts in:

  • Location Prague, Czech Republic
  • Duration 21.04.17 - 23.04.17
  • Prize pool OTHER

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The idea and how an app, website or bot can be used to reduce food waste is far more important at our Food Waste Hackathons, than actually understanding how to program. To make sure the ideas make sense from a technical point of view, programmers ​advise and help on how to implement the ideas. Participants were from different professions and more than 6 countries: Environmental students, programmers, entrepreneurs, game designers, communication managers, Food Sharing activists, food waste experts and marketing experts, designers and film makers. The broad mix of professions and people made the teamwork really interesting and the results impactful.


5 Food Waste Hackathons in 5 countries

  1. Austria, 25-27th, November 2016 Vienna
  2. Italy, 2017
  3. Czech Republic, 21-23th, April 2017 Prague
  4. Poland, June 2017
  5. Hungary, 26-28th, May 2017 Budapest

Food Waste Hackathon Czech Republic

The weekend 21.-23. of April 2017 in Prague at the Svet Hub will be dedicated to reduce food waste with smart ideas. The concrete challenges the host of the Food Waste Hackathon, Glopolis in Prague are facing for the pilot actions to reduce food waste in the Czech Republic are:

  • How can we make children of the age of 11-15 years care about food waste?
  • How can we help food banks in the Czech Republic save more food from being wasted and distribute it to people in need?

For whom?

Everyone interested in helping coming up with ideas for Apps or Website that could help Czech Republic to reduce food waste should participate. Programmers, Designers, UX Designers, Enviromental students and professionals, marketing students and professionals, entrepreneurs.

Besides helping to reduce food waste, you meet nice people, network out of your bubble and spend a fun weekend with great people eating delicous food.

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  • Where Prague
  • When 21-23 April, 2017

+48 535 980 986