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Galileo Hackathon

Challenge outline


Show your coding skills at the second Galileo hackathon! Galileo, the European Global Navigation Satellite System is now operational and is starting to deliver live services to the Geo-IoT commuinty. We are looking for passionate coders who want to shape the future of Location-Based Services (LBS) and Geo-IoT.

Become a pioneer developer and discover how Galileo satellites can help transform ideas into reality! Join our two-day Galileo Hackathon, showcase your skills, connect with the Geo-IoT app-dev community, gain a competitive advantage for your future projects and win great prizes for you and your team.

The challenge

Galileo Hackathoners will be among the first to work with Galileo-enabled Samsung mobile phones, which includes the new Android featuring the so called “GNSS raw measurements”.

We need creative heads to come up with innovative applications, that make use of the full breadth of Galileo’s capabilities. It can be anything. Just show us how your application can generate an added commercial or societal value by using the Galileo services. Applications include:

  • Augmented Reality and games: the integration of positioning with virtual information allows the development of pinpoint services aimed at entertaining or informing users
  • Geo marketing and advertising: consumer preferences are combined with positioning data to provide exceptionally personalised offers to potential customers
  • Mapping & GIS: the enhanced processing power of modern smartphones, their portability and the location capabilities make them very suitable to develop Geographic Information System applications and create crowdsourced maps
  • Fitness, sport and mHealth: fitness and mHealth applications rely on GNSS –in addition to other sensors- to monitor users’ physical performances
  • Smart mobility: innovative GNSS-enabled applications contributes to the reduction of congestion while implementing faster, greener, and cheaper transportation options
  • Enterprise applications: GNSS-based tracking solutions contribute to improving productivity and safety of workers through mobile workforce management solutions
  • Social networking: the location of people is a relevant information around which develop specific services in social networks
  • HyperTrack: enhances all these applications by providing for historical and real-time location tracking and allowing for actions to be performed on the data. Things like live tracking, trip replays, delay alerts, mileage, assignments, accurate ETAs, location profiling and more.


  • Galileo Innovation - a cash prize of € 1000 for the most innovative app using Galileo as source of location information.
  • Galileo Impact - a cash prize of € 1000 for the Galileo app with the biggest social impact.
  • Hypertrack Special Prize - Hypertrack is offering a special prize worth €1000 for the app making the best use of the HyperTrack location stack. Bonus points for hilarious use-cases!
Other prizes for participants will be provided by our technology partners!

Additional information

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Where and when

AKWARIUM Building, ul. Czechosłowacka 3, Gdańsk
May 15-17, 2017